How to Get and Stay Motivated in the Game of Selling

Like many of you reading this, I have spent the majority of my life in the sales game. While it has become easier (never really easy) with practice there are still many times where it is tough to stay motivated.  Selling is all about persuading- getting someone else to see and feel the same enthusiasm we have for our product or service. There’s lots of competition and changing people’s beliefs and behaviors is a challenge.

December is traditionally a slow month for most people in sales.  Appointments for presenting your products get lost behind holiday parties and events. If we think about this time differently it can be the ideal time to simply develop rapport, show appreciation for our exiting clients and network. Now we can look at December as THE opportunity month.

Be sure to make contact with your prospects and existing clients in December. If you’re not calling on them, someone else is!  Send them a holiday card or better yet drop by in person with a small gift of appreciation. People are typically in great spirits and it can make to an excellent time to further develop your relationship.

Here are a few tips on getting and staying motivated to help you finish your year with great results:

Motivation is typically the difference between a successful sales rep and unsuccessful sales rep. Unmotivated sales reps find multiple excuses for not doing the things that will lead to sales.  Your ability to motivate yourself depends on your belief system. Sales reps who share these core beliefs find it easy to stay motivated:

I am confident. If you believe in yourself, you tend to see problems and challenges as mere speed bumps rather than road blocks.  You possess certainty that you will eventually succeed.

I am committed. In your heart you are absolutely committed to succeed.  Motivation emerges naturally from commitment.

I am in control.  If you view yourself as captain of your destiny, you will move forward even when things get tough.

The sales game is full of frustration and challenges.  Often we are met with one obstacle after another. It can be hard to stay motivated.  To reinforce your positive beliefs you need to build a mental framework for support.  Follow these steps to success:

  1. Find your purpose
  2. Know your products
  3. Believe in your company
  4. Create ambitious goals
  5. Build a flexible and workable plan
  6. Use discipline and pride to execute your plan
  7. Understand that being a salesperson is your choice.  You have chosen this as your profession to execute with pride and deliver with integrity.

Be a professional! Here’s wishing you success and a wonderful holiday season.


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