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100th Newsletter!!!!

What a journey this has been writing these newsletters each month. I must say I've enjoyed every one of them. Often I am inspired by a book I've read or an article. Sometimes it's a response from a classroom participant or something I've witnessed in the public myself. We now have close to 1000 readers and every month I hear from someone I've never met that has read my newsletter. This always thrills me.

Thank you to my readers for your support and interest.

Without question what effects our business the very most is the customer and the service they feel that they receive from us. We must always look at our business from the customer's eyes as they are the ultimate judge of all. For the next 6 issues of my newsletter I will focus on Customer Service in a format that you may use with your team as a training tool. Regardless of your size or nature of business the message will hold true. Hope you enjoy...


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Sales and Service Excellence-A One Day Program designed for all employees "Everybody Sells!"

-The Sales Process
-Creating a Positive First Impression
-Tips in Prospecting and Building Your Business
-Interviewing Skills to Build Relationships
-The Art of the Open Ended Question
-Professional Presentation Skills
-Selling Your Company
-Overcoming Objections
-Creating a Lasting Impression to Generate Ongoing Referrals
-Asking for the Business with Style and Grace

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Does Your Team Work In Service Excellence?

This article should be read by anyone in customer service!

My little dog Bella is the world to me. Sadly, she has come down with a rare blood disorder resulting in weekly visits to a local veterinary clinic, Fountain Vet in Bellingham. When a family incurs a tragedy such as this service, responsiveness, compassion, and exemplary follow through becomes imperative.

These are just a few of the characteristics I have experienced at Fountain Vet. I do not work with one vet but a team of 3 highly accomplished veterinarians plus a front office team and back room support. I am greeted by name, with a smile and compassion and often a hug.

We recently were vacationing in Chelan and rather alarming symptoms happened with my little dog Bella who by the way is only 5 ¼ pounds. So, at 2:00 in afternoon I called my vet’s office and one of the team was quick to respond. They called the Safeway pharmacy with a prescription for an antibiotic.

Now here’s where the customer service story starts to unfold. Because my dog is so small and we were utilizing a prescription for a human. Getting a dose small enough became quite the challenge. This involved conversations with the pharmacists and 2 other accompanying techs all trying to figure out the problems without sending me to another pharmacy. Anyone knowing me realizes I am a “chatter” and I began to tell the story of how important Bella is to me and engage with everyone behind the counter. I was so impressed with the friendliness and concern to try and help my dog while we were on vacation. And then something happened! Another tech who was not participating in the conversation at all decided to swoop in and as if a gray cloud on the horizon and “barked at me”. It was as if we were all enjoying our conversation too much and she needed to “put me in my place”.

So I pose a couple of questions to all of you reading who are in customer service.

• Do you have employees who participate in conversations that they have no business doing so?
• Do you have employees that eavesdrop on other conversations that might be confidential or feel to the customer as though your employee was intruding?
• Or … do you have an employee that feels the need to drop the negative “bomb” on positive conversations?

If any the preceding questions apply to you this is a huge coaching opportunity and one that definitely has an effect on the customer. In my case it turned a very positive experience into something that just felt bad.

When I went to pay, since I make my living teaching customer service skills, I whispered to the other tech “try to teach the heavy set tech to be nice to customers”. The tech said “Well, we sure have tried!” I think this speaks for itself.

So here are a few more questions to ask about your customer service team.

• Does everyone work in concert?
• Are you smiling and greeting each customer walking in looking for service?
• Are you seen as a professional and with the customers’ interests at heart?
• Does the customer see you working in concert or a bit like “F Troop”?
• How would your customers describe your level of service?

Remember as Sam Walton the founder of Walmart said, Your customers are your boss. They can hire and fire you any time they wish simply by choosing to shop elsewhere.

I started my business doing Mystery shopping. This wasn’t planned it just happened. But in hindsight there could not have been a better experience to help me with my training. It taught me to look at a business through the customer’s eyes. If we continually do so we will see out business in the most important light.

To end on a positive note the 2 pharmacists who I had the greatest exchange with, provided outstanding customer service. Their level of personal interest for the customer was commendable. I choose to look back at my experience in a positive light even though the one employee did dampen it a bit with a few showers.

Here’s hoping you provide all clear skies for your customers.

Lynn Giuliani

P.S. Bella is much better now!



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