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Feature Article

Old Fashioned Service

This month’s customer service story involves Sky Harbor Airport’s TSA team in Phoenix, Arizona.

My guess is you are expecting to hear about solemn and indifferent service where they go about their jobs in a robotic uncaring fashion. That can be the stereotype we have come to expect from this group of representatives.

In my case it was quite the opposite.

I arrived at a slow time and all three representatives were open. All three greeted me with a genuine smile, said good morning and engaged in light small talk. Since I travel so much I have signed up online for Pre-Check which allows me to go to a special line. When I started to take off my shoes and unload all my gear they proudly expressed that this was the old fashioned way since I had already provided in depth information via the internet. I found them to be very proactive, informative and cheerful. As I have had knee replacement I did have to take my shoes off to go through the detector and as always it went off. Their supervisor brought my shoes back over for me. My “pat down” was pleasant and efficient and I was on my way.

How is it that some airports have a team at TSA that seem to enjoy their jobs and make the customer feel valued and others act like their work is a chore?

Can we learn from this for our teams? In my mind this is all determined by leadership, training, coaching and expectations.

This was a new experience for me in this special line and yet this team walked me through it with clear explanations and a proactive spirit. Your customers are experiencing new things every day at your offices. How proactive are your team members? How gracious are they? How cheerful?

Remember to always look at your business through the customer's eyes!

Many times we have to be “efficient” a “pat down” which no one really wants to endure. How can we make that experience as positive as possible?

Since my knee replacement I get a “pat down” at each airport that does not have the stand up XRay machines. I never fight it and always try and make the TSA representative’s job as easy as possible, but I see many that do.

Are we prepared for the customer that fights the “pat down?” This is a training opportunity too, which is also led by management with clear expectations.

And last but surely not least are your customers consistently greeted with a smile? Do your representatives look up from what they are doing and engage with them? It just takes a few seconds but makes all the difference in the world. To be ignored is an awful feeling and sadly I see it often in retail. Make sure this is a standard in your office that is practiced and measured.

The Holidays are the heaviest travel time of the year. If you happen to be flying this year, smile at your TSA agent. You will no doubt get a nice smile back. I always do! Enjoy the season...

Lynn Giuliani




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