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Coaching and Mentoring for Team Success

-Identifying team member strengths
-Developing individual plans
-Coaching techniques to stretch and recognize
-How to critique when necessary
-Recognition and rewards


Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Delegating, a Leader’s #1 Tool

The six steps of delegating.

• Communicate the task. Describe exactly what you want done, when you want it done, and what the end result should look like.

• Explain the context of the task. Explain the importance of why this needs to be done and the overall scheme of things.

• Determine standards that are realistic and obtainable.

• Empower your team. Grant participants the authority to complete the task without the roadblocks that impede their progress.

• Provide support. Determine the resources necessary for your employee to complete the task and then provide them.

• Seek commitment. Make sure your employee has accepted an assignment and is ready for the task. Confirm your expectations and your employee’s understanding of what is needed.

Why people fail to delegate… the myths

• I’m the only one that can really do the job! As talented as you may be there is other talent out there and if your time is consumed with this task you are not able to do anything else. Your employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge and you need to realize it. Don’t ignore this resource. In addition, by asking for their help you are developing their talents to their full abilities.

• If I delegate I lose control of the task and its outcome. If you delegate correctly you won’t lose control at all. Efficient delegation means you set out guidelines and leave the task to your employees with them giving you periodic updates. This gives you a sense of control and them a sense of accomplishment.

• I can do the work faster by myself. This is the biggest error of all. The more you pile on your plate the less that gets done. When you teach someone else to do the task and then assign them the responsibilities of completing it you are multiplying what gets done and leaving the larger and more important tasks and issues for yourself.

• If I delegate it I lose my authority. Actually delegating does exactly the opposite. It extends your authority. You are only one person and can only do so much. What you gain is an efficient and effective workforce and the ability to concentrate on issues that deserve your undivided attention.

When you delegate it allows you time and focus to do the most important things such as;

• Long term vision and goals

• Performance appraisals, counseling and mentoring

• Politically sensitive situations

• Working on the big picture

• Becoming a more effective, decisive leader

So… become a great delegator and in so doing become a better leader!

Lynn Giuliani




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