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This Month's Featured Programs:

Goal Setting and Action Planning

-Identifying the strengths of each team member
-Working together for mutually agreed goals
-Breaking goals down to action plans
-Coaching and training components
-Follow up plans and measurement


Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Selling Strategies for Confidence and Success

There are 3 basic principles in selling. A successful sales person addresses these within the first few minutes of meeting a new client.

1. People do business with people they like. Establish rapport. Be likeable. Be easy to do business with and at ease with yourself.

2. Help them! That’s your job. A problem solver. A provider of solutions. A provider of options or opportunities that please the buyer.

3. Establish trust. If the buyer doesn’t trust you – they simply won’t buy from you. They want a genuine person with high integrity to work with.

Follow these steps to help you help your client.

• Go for face time. Selling in person is always preferable to over the phone.

• Expect success. Believe in yourself, your company and your product.

• Ask for what you want. Articulate your message with confidence. Know your products and how they help your client. Ask for the business.

• Maintain flexibility. Adapt to your client and your surroundings.

• Remember the P’s. Precision + practice = confidence. Practice of precision makes perfect. Success isn’t guaranteed each time, but the more you practice these steps, the better positioned you will be as a negotiator.

• Invest time and intention. When you have taken the time to build a strong relationship, it’s easier to “Ask with confidence.”

• Never take it personally. With sales comes rejection. That’s just the way it is. Do not take a “no” personally or you will never succeed in selling.

• Counter fear with positive self-talk. An optimistic mental script helps drown out the fear that keeps most people from asking.

• Counter disconnects with curiosity. Curiosity is a tool for moving away from challenging personalities and toward understanding a problem or challenge.

• Watch your tone. 93% of all communication is voice tone and body language. Make sure your tone is calm, professional and appealing to the listener.

• Tap the power of “you”. People do business with people they like. Take the time first to develop rapport before you try to “sell” anything. Allow your buyer to get to know you while you are getting to know them. Make a connection!

• Remember to ask for the sale. All too often we get right up to this point and fail to cross the finish line. Ask for what you believe in and have positioned yourself for.

• Always follow-up. The sale is never over. The relationship continues. Referrals evolve. Additional business follows.
Happy Sales to you……until we meet again!

Lynn Giuliani




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