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Developing the Leaders Around You

-Setting clear expectations and goals for your team members
-Working on a plan together through coaching and mentoring
-Evaluating, stretching and measuring
-Feedback...constructive when need be
-Rewards and recognition/Celebrating your successes


Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 20 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Ten Common Management Mistakes

• Not making the transition from worker to manager. This is so common. A manager needs to be looking at the big picture and providing their support, the modeling of desired behaviors, the setting of career expectations and the overall guidance for the entire team. If they are engrossed in working at their own tasks none of this is possible.

• Failing to delegate. Again all too common an error. I often hear “Well it’s just so much quicker if I just do it myself!” This may seem true however you are robbing your employees of the opportunity to learn and prohibiting growth. Every time you do it yourself you are not allowing your team to learn. If you continue to do it yourself nobody learns and you will always "do it yourself" while they watch!

• Not setting goals with employees. Goals are a roadmap for where you need to go. Goals stimulate and motivate. They are essential for any successful organization. Without them how do you really know what you have achieved and where you need to go?

• Failure to communicate. Communication is the number 1 goal of most organizations and clearly the most important aspect in building great teams. Communication amongst all levels is essential. Managers using open ended questions to ask versus tell is the very basis of good leadership. If managers continue to "tell", then how will they know what the real issues are? Listening to one's team members is essential.

• Failing to learn. Most managers are accustomed to success but failing to learn is learning to fail. One must always be striving for continued knowledge and success if we are going to keep up with our competitors and the changing world around us. It also demonstrates the importance of their learning as well.

• Resisting change. If you think you can stop change you are really fooling yourself. Welcoming change is an attribute of all great leaders. Embracing it is to be on the leading edge and … helping your team see the value of change and progress is a vital part of any manager’s job.

• Not making time for employees. “Don't talk to the manager they’re in their office!” I hear this all too often. What a sad situation? Yes there are times when a manager has to shut the door to get something done however, it should be very rare. A manager is a resource to their employees and should be available to them for guidance, support, direction and coaching.

• Not recognizing the employee achievements. Recognition is the number 1 aspect in motivating success amongst your team Employees thrive on recognition knowing that their manager has observed and appreciated their hard work. Recognition is key.

• Going for a quick fix over a long-term. One must get to the source of an issue and fix it not try to sweep over it. You must find the cause of a problem and develop real long lasting solutions to build towards the future. Quick fixes never last!

• Taking it all too seriously. Yes leadership is a serious business but we need to keep a smile on our face and learn to laugh at a few mistakes. Be playful. Create an environment where employees realize we are all human and an environment where the people want to come to work. In doing so they have a good time and you do too!


Lynn Giuliani




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