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"Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. August is always a great month for family and friends.
Hope yours is memorable."


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Team Dynamics and Goal Setting

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-Identifying team member strengths and "opportunities"
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Feature Article

Who Knew?

Since this is August and typically vacation month for everyone, I thought I would go on a lighter venue.

Here are some excerpts from an entertaining book called “Who Knew?” by David Hoffman. Things you didn’t know about things you know well! Hope you enjoy the following excerpts.

The five interlocking Olympic rings are black, blue, red, white and yellow because at least one of these colors appears on every national flag.

Dom Pérignon, the name commonly recognized in the process for both making and bottling champagne, was a Benedictine Monk.

Banks are commonly shaped like pigs because in the 18th Century frugal people saved their money in earthenware jars made of dense orange clay known as pygg.

The original American Express card was purple “and was for 11 years until the green card replaced it in 1969”.

Sunglasses date back to 15th Century China where they worn by judges to conceal their expressions while presiding over court.

TIP is an acronym for “to ensure promptness” and once upon time was given in advance.

X’s symbolize kisses because in ancient days, when few people knew how to write, they would simply sign an X to show their agreement, then kiss the mark to emphasize their sincerity.

Podunk is in Massachusetts.

Lynn Giuliani




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