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Feature Article

Conscious Kindness

Want to get more joy out of life? Start by making someone else’s day. All too often we miss our “do-good” opportunities simply because we are too busy or distracted to notice them. We are looking at our computer or phone and we fail to be present in the midst of other people, where we totally focus on them. Frankly this is one of the biggest compliments you can give someone and the first step towards kindness because you see how you can help.

Many times finding kindness is about stopping in your tracks and becoming aware of what you have. Finding gratitude. There are so many things that we take for granted and the first thing is being thankful for the abundance that surrounds us. Humility is one of the key ingredients to kindness. Not being at a different level than someone, just being willing to help.

So here are just a few ways to be kind to others and I’m sure as you read the list you can identify many, many more:

• Listening. Really listening to what someone says. Particularly those who are elderly. I often notice how people disregard them when they speak and they have so much wisdom to offer.

• Being patient! This might involve letting someone go ahead of you in line or being kind while driving and letting someone into a lane.

• Little things such as taking the time to push your grocery cart into the area designated for them instead of leaving them out where they could hit a car.

• Helping someone carry a bag when you see their arms are full such as a young mother or an elderly person.

• Volunteering. We should all be donating our time to a worthy cause. Find an organization that you can really get behind and give back. Surely this will give you plenty!

• Say please and thank you … a lot. Be courteous to people in your thoughts and words.

As I said earlier this list can go on and on. If you are doing this in a team meeting this would be an excellent exercise to ask people to come prepared with examples of kindness.
Enjoy this journey.

Lynn Giuliani




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