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Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express my gratitude to all my readers and supporters. It is with great pleasure and personal reward that I share my experience and knowledge with my clients. Here's wishing you all a bountiful holiday.


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Feature Article

Dropping Stress and Finding Balance

Stress is everywhere and in fact stress is a good thing. The goal is to feel as if you are balanced and centered when you approach your day. Follow some of these suggestions with the hope that as you approach each day you feel a little bit more in control:

• Live with accountability. Find someone that you can share your plan and need for balance. Give them permission to ask how you are doing? Have them be a coach.

• Get a hobby. Find something you enjoy that is a constructive outlet and you look forward to spending your time doing just that. It can be a great offset to a stressful day.

• Be active, eat well, give sufficient and efficient rest and contribute to a relationship every single day. If you conscientiously move towards a balanced life every day, when the big stressors come along they will have little impact on you.

• Visualize!. What the mind sees the body believes. Put your body into a state of calm and health by visualizing positive and successful outcomes. How we manage stress is determined by how we see ourselves in control and being calm.

• Have a good laugh. It can go a long way toward reducing stress. Research has shown that laughter causes chemical and emotional reactions that reduce stress. So when you are feeling stressed do something that will lighten the load and give you a good laugh. Associate with someone who is good at making you laugh, read something that you know will lighten your load or see a fun movie. Whatever you do, do not wallow in the dismal muck and mire.

• Breath … that’s right breath. Sometimes just stopping what you are doing and taking a deep breath can make a huge difference. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing relieves stress, has a physical and spiritual calming effect and increases oxygen to the brain. This can accelerate learning and ignite creativity.

• Admit your mistakes. If you’ve made an error say I’m sorry I messed up and move on.

• Be grateful. Take a moment and reflect on all the positive things in your life and realize that whatever small stressors might be in front of you at this particular moment they are very small in the big picture. Choose to be thankful for all that you have.

Lynn Giuliani




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