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Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season filled with love, laughter and gratitude.


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Finding the Balance in Life

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-Action planning

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Feature Article

Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

With the holiday season ahead schedules become hectic, social gatherings increase and food temptations are all around us.

There’s pressure to get shopping done, decorating and any number of extra activities this time of year. It can feel like a lot of pressure and stress. Staying healthy can be a big challenge.

Follow these simple guidelines to feel your best during the holidays:

-Balance your activities. Don’t overbook. Make sure you make time for family and self. Take time to refuel and remember the importance of time with family. Be sure not to forget the elderly at this time too.

-Keep up your exercise routine. Exercise is a great way to give you more energy at this busy time. Don’t let your exercise routine fall behind the seasonal “busy bustle.” Make it a commitment.

-Focus on the joy and activities-Not the food! There will be temptations everywhere. Every office you visit, endless parties, and then add the drinks. Oh my! Save the indulgences for one or two treats and eat sensibly otherwise.

-Sometimes the season can get you down. If you’re feeling blue, talk with someone. ..a friend, or a professional. Don’t try and go through it alone.

-Carry disinfecting wipes. Tis the season for catching something too! Protect yourself by being smart.

-Be a better listener. When you do so you show others you care about them. This gives you a good feeling too.

-Smile more and be kind. Enjoy all of the great things the season can bring!

Lynn Giuliani




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