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Business Development Skills

-Focusing your calling efforts on a target audience
-Pre-Call planning and getting the appointment
-Prospecting techniques and tips
-Follow up disciplines
-Role-play practices
-Overcoming objections
-Closing the sale and asking for referrals

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Feature Article

Creating a Positive Mindset

If you had the answers to the following questions would you go ahead and make the call? Or the presentation? All too often we fear the unknown and do not try, thinking we might fail. Consider these questions. Answer them for yourself, and see if going through the process helps your mind get ready for success.

• If you knew you wouldn’t fail, would you try? Most of the time it’s our own “stuff” that gets in the way of our success. And what have you got to lose? If you don’t try you will never know and surely won’t get the business.

• What is it I’m expecting from the outcome? If you know what you are looking for and what you want for an outcome, you can put all of your energies in that direction. It’s called the law of attraction! So before you make any call, presentation or attempt any endeavor, know exactly what you are looking for. Prepare in advance, have your game hat on and be confident. Expect success.

• Is it worth my time and effort to pursue this? This is an excellent question to ask yourself. Is this the best use of my time? Is this really worthy of my effort? Is this an account I really want to attract or are there better ones out there? If time is your greatest commodity, be sure that you are using it wisely and not just going through the motions of something that does not get you the greatest return.

• What would a true professional do in this situation? If we are going to aspire to learn from the best, then think what would that individual, the professional in this case, would do and model that behavior. Practice in your mind what they would do and then do your very best to model that behavior yourself.

• What would be my first step? The first step is always the most important and hardest to do. Once you get started most of the time it’s easier to follow that momentum once it gets underway. Often times it is the customer’s reaction that gives you a lead or just your own self-confidence starts to break through. Getting started is the hardest of all.

• What roadblocks or detours might I face? If you anticipate some of these and have a contingency plan, then you will be well prepared if any pop up. Without thinking of this in advance you could stumble. So, spend some time thinking about what might happen. Practice, practice, practice and then go back to the previous question and take that first step!

• What or who could serve as your resource for this endeavor? There is so much in this world that could help you, whether on the internet, another professional, someone you work with… seek out help. You will be surprised how much people want to help you and feel complimented that you have included them in your journey.

• How will I celebrate my success when I achieve it? Surprisingly just seeing yourself win, succeed, or accomplish the goal you are setting forth can go a long way toward providing you the energy, confidence and enthusiasm to make it all happen! So visualize this, see yourself achieving your victory and gain the extra adrenaline from this to get you started and accomplish your task.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Lynn Giuliani

Lynn Giuliani



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