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Monday January 15, 2007
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Here's wishing you all a prosperous New Year!

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The Keys To Growth

"The ability to take action is one's personal power."

- Anthony Robins


  • Lynn has spent 30 years in the Financial Services Industry
  • For the past 10 years she has been providing custom sales, service and leadership training to organizations both large and small
  • She is an in-demand keynote speaker and member of the National Speakers' Association



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1/16/07 Coaching adn Leadership Skills First Security Bank of WA Lynnwood WA

1/20/07 Sales and Service Excellence North Coast CU Bellingham WA

1/23-26 & 29-30 Sales and Service Excellence Skagit State Bank Burlington WA

2/6, 7 Business Development Skills Gold Country Bank Sacramento CA

2/12,13 Coaching and Leadership Skagit State Bank Burlington WA

2/14 Business Development Skills I Skagit State Bank Burliington WA

2/15, 16 Sales and Service Excellence First Security Bank of WA Lynnwood WA

2/26-3/2 Sales and Service Excellence Timberland Bank Lacey WA

3/6 Business Development Skills I First Security Bank of WA, Lynnwood WA

3/12 Advanced Branch Management Institute CUNA St Pete Florida

3/25,26 Sales and Service Institute CUNA Las Vegas NV





7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales People

by Lynn Giuliani


To borrow some concepts from Stephen Covey’s highly acclaimed book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the following concepts in selling activities hold true.

1. Be pro-active.

Prospect aggressively. Do not wait for business to find you, it might find someone else? If you are not calling on your customers and prospects, you can count on the fact that someone else is. Determine your target market and find out where they go, and go there. There is nothing more effective than face-to-face prospecting. Selling is leading! When you are the caller, you have the power – especially when you are delivering good news about your product or service. Remember when you are selling a service that keeps the customer’s needs in mind, you are essentially helping them.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

Determine the number of contacts that are required for you to make a sale, and make them! Selling is often referred to as a “numbers game”. Repetition builds confidence and creates results. Think 10-3-1! Make 10 calls, generate 3 qualified prospects and make 1 sale.

3. Put first things first.

Spend the first two hours of every day prospecting for new business. Make it a habit! Once you start troubleshooting and problem-solving, you may never get around to prospecting. You need to have a list of the folks to call with you at all times. Make a “To Do List” each night. Have a list of your top prospects handy. If you wait until just before making calls to compile lists or arrangements, it is easy to get sidetracked. TIP! Take at least one influential person to breakfast or lunch one or two times every week.

Review your goals daily. How can you get there if you forget where you are going? Write your goals (5-6) which should accompany both business and life-style desires and review them at least once a month.

4. Think Win/Win.

Expect to sell. Identify key people that can help you in your business. Call them up. Introduce yourself and offer to help them. They in turn will help you too. The best business is referral business. Send out notes to “stay in contact” or say thank you everyday. Just like vitamins – it’s one-a-day at a minimum.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Ask open-ended questions to find out as much about your customer or potential customer as you can. Practice these questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their business, so ask lots of questions. Remember that questions provide control. When you ask the question, someone has to stop or think of the answer – so you have the control! The best conversationalist is a good listener!

6. Synergize.

Be a team player. Let those that you work with help you and you help them. Always share your goals with others. People like to help you! Try to arrange quick meetings with other sales people and share leads. Everyone will benefit.

7. Sharpen the Saw.

Selling is a tough business. The only way to succeed is by continuing to invest in yourself. Spend time, money, and dedication going to seminars, reading books, listening to tapes. There is a direct correlation between the amount of time and money you spend on yourself and the level of your success. Have a positive determined attitude. Selling is fun!


To your success!

Lynn Giuliani


Call Lynn at 360 319-6776 or email her at lynn@progressionsinc.net

She will gladly help you with your sales success through individual sales coaching, classroom training or custom designed programs.


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Incorporate these 7 effective sales habits and start your year out with focus and success.


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