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Monday March 17, 2008
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The Keys To Growth

"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed on a star does not change his mind."

-Leonardo da Vinci


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  • Lynn has spent 30 years in the Financial Services Industry
  • For the past 10 years she has been providing custom sales, service and leadership training to organizations both large and small
  • She is an in-demand keynote speaker and member of the National Speakers' Association

You can view Lynn's calendar & availability by visiting the calendar page on her website.


Becoming a Leader!

by Lynn Giuliani

Sometimes success means letting go of bad habits or unwanted baggage. Letting go of the many things that get in the way, clutter up your mind, or keep your from truly inspiring others. Similar to cleaning your closet a couple of times a year, people need to take a look at their lives and “clean house”. Letting go of unwanted baggage, self-limiting beliefs and doubt will increase production, and give you more energy in your life.

1. Letting go of doing it all myself. One of the best ways you can show your team that you believe in them is to delegate. In doing so you empower them to learn new skills, take on new responsibility and learn by doing. Sometimes the best way to learn is by making mistakes and knowing how to correct it yourself. When you do it all yourself you really take those opportunities from your team members. A true leader sets expectations, demonstrates “how to” and then let’s their team members complete the task in a style that suits them best.

2. Letting go of comparing yourself to others. The best person you can be… is you! By comparing yourself to others you incorporate self-doubt and spend energy that could be used to move forward instead of turning around in circles. The best workers and the best leaders have a sense of confidence and independence about them. Other people’s point of view is not something that takes up any of their time.

3. Letting go of trying to meet someone else’s expectations other than my own. A true leader knows what he or she wants to accomplish and sets out to achieve their own goals rather than looking constantly to someone else’s approval or expectations.

4. Letting go of doing jobs that are not in your area of expertise. Sometimes people try to “do it all” and end up diluting the very expertise that they have. Identify your strengths, do them well and seek out team members who can support you in those areas that are not your specialty.

5. Letting go of doing other people’s jobs. Are you the one they always count on to complete the job? Are you constantly cleaning up some else’s wake in order to support your company? Being a team player and helping out when needed is one thing but constantly being the person that the rest of the company knows will clean up “their” unfinished jobs is not in anyone’s best interest.

6. Letting go of trying to impress others. Your best critic should be yourself. Incorporate confidence and focus in to your daily life and put your energies into accomplishing your goals.

7. Let go of working weekends and evenings. It’s not how hard or how long you work but how effectively you work. A tried out – burned out – cranky leader is no help to anyone. It’s actually quite common to see someone “put in the hours” thinking that will impress others when in fact getting the job done well and on time is much more impressive.

8. Let go of gossip! It is simply a waste of time and energy.

9. Let go of not having any fun at work. We spend more time at work then we do with our family and friends. “If we love what we do – we’ll never have to go to work again.” Make sure you bring some fun and laughter to the work you do. Look forward to embracing each day with new energy and focus.

Remember success is like underwear
 when it’s getting too comfortable
 it’s time to change.

Lynn Giuliani


Call Lynn at 360 319-6776 or email her at lynn@progressionsinc.net

She will gladly help you with your sales success through individual sales coaching, classroom training or custom designed programs.


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