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Monday April 14, 2008
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The Keys To Growth

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."

-Arnold Glasgow


  • Lynn has spent 30 years in the Financial Services Industry
  • For the past 10 years she has been providing custom sales, service and leadership training to organizations both large and small
  • She is an in-demand keynote speaker and member of the National Speakers' Association

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Who’s the Most Important Person in Your Business?

by Lynn Giuliani

Without the question the answer to this is … your customer. As Sam Walton of Wal-Mart so cleverly said, “The customer can hire or fire us any day of the week simply by choosing to shop elsewhere.” The customer is number one. We must follow these important guidelines at all times and keep the customer’s wants, needs and wishes top of mind.

  1. Treat the customers as you would your best friend.
  2. Listen, really listen to customers and determine what their needs are.
  3. Give them what they need.
  4. Price your products competitively.
  5. Add value through service excellence, atmosphere and delivery.
  6. Make the customer feel like a V.I.P.
  7. Present your products the way the customers want to see them.
  8. Get your product to your customer when they want it.
  9. Always give your customers the little extras… more then they expect.
  10. Thank each customer sincerely and often.

Remember to always answer the question “What’s in it for the customer?”  To do so one needs to be prepared with solid answers to questions the customer might ask and be able to demonstrate the value of your product or service. The more you anticipate customer concerns and objections and are well versed with what the competition has to offer the more you will be able to show meaningful benefit to the customers. Practice handling objections and eliminating customer concerns on a regular basis. Be efficient at delivering your product. Anticipate surprises and practice your closing strategies. Your job is to help the customer in their buying decisions by conveying the benefits for them.

Take care of #1…your customer.

Here’s an exercise to help you evaluate your service levels.

Ask your  customer these questions:

-Are we easy to do business with? Please give examples.
-Would you refer us to others? Why?
-How is our follow up? Do we call back when we say we will?
-What type of impression do we leave?
-How would you describe us to others?

Businesses that excel know how the customer sees them and continually enhance their business to exceed customer expectations.


Lynn Giuliani


Call Lynn at 360 319-6776 or email her at lynn@progressionsinc.net

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Look at your business through the customers eyes. Exceed their expectations.



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