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Lynn Earns csp Designation -
One of only 610 in the world


The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, lynn with csp medalconferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers, is the speaking profession's international measure of professional platform skill.

Lynn went through a five-year process of becoming certified, she was required to:

• Receive excellent ratings from past clients on performance evaluations
• Demonstrate a wide variety of clients
• Take part in ongoing education
• Perform and document hundreds of presentations
• Submit testimonial letters from clients, and
• Provide samples of promotional materials

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Lynn is now booking for 2009

She has reserved time slots for previous clients but they are filling up fast. So if you'd like to schedule training with Lynn in 2009, please contact her at your earliest opportunity. View Lynn's Calendar Here»



Feature Article

7 Secrets to Recruiting and Keeping Top Sales Talent

1. Pay well. Let’s face it, good sales people are in demand! They expect to be compensated accordingly. Be sure that your entire package is both attractive and competitive. A warning though, a potential sales person who is “all about the money” may too self oriented to help other team members or sacrifice service for sales. Your compensation package must be top of the line if you are going to expect the same in a sales representative.

2. Training – The best sales people are a “sponge” for learning. They strive for constant improvement. You should expect a keen candidate to be interviewing you as well about the training opportunities that they will receive. Offer both internal and external training. Every company needs a defined training curriculum as training correlates with retention. Send your sales talent to external programs so they can learn from other successful sales people and company approaches. The information and influence from other successful sales people is invaluable.

3. Autonomy – Good sales people want and expect a degree of freedom. Your most successful sales people should be self starters and not want a boss to “hover” over them.

4. Effective Sales Leadership – While top people do want the freedom to “go about the business in their own way” they also want a coach and a leader they can learn from. One who holds them accountable and sets clear and defined expectations. Career development should be as important as the compensation package.

5. Recognition – Top sales people thrive on recognition. Some want a more private approach, and others all the glory of public recognition. They want to know that their efforts are appreciated and recognized within the company they represent.

6. Rewards – Top sales people thrive on rewards. For some it is monetary, for other recognition and yet others time off or family related perks. The number one principle in leadership is … “you get what you reward” it only confirms rewards being an integral part of attracting and keeping top talent.

7. Pride in their company – Top sales people want to work for and be part of a winning team. Their ability to be successful in sales is tightly tied to believing in their product, service and company.

In today’s competitive market a complete and total package is essential if you are going to attract the very best.

Good Selling,


Lynn Giuliani


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