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New conferences..coming in 2009

chrysalis inn

Plan ahead for Lynn's special one or two day workshops that are being offered for the first time in this intimate, elegant setting. Learn from others in a beautiful and dynamic hotel & day spa, The Chrysalis Inn, on Bellingham's waterfront.

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April 16, 2009: Sales and Service Excellence
This is a full-day highly interactive program designed for all employees of your company.  It takes the participant through the sales process with a myriad of breakouts, role-plays and exercises.

April 17, 2009: Coaching and Leadership
This session provides both skill sets and understanding of the importance of setting clear expectations, one on one coaching, modeling the desired behaviors, caring enough to confront difficult situations, measurement and rewards with recognition. This full-day session is a must for any company embracing change.

September 10, 2009: Sales and Service Excellence
(repeat of April 16 class)

September 11, 2009: Presentation Skills
Hone your speaking skills and build your confidence in this fun-filled interactive class .

Price: only $295.00 each day which includes gourmet lunch at Fino's Fine Dining


This Month's Featured Program:

The Joys and Juggling of Leadership
-Coaching for team success
-Making feedback 'work'
-Ownership thinking
-Getting your attitide in tip top shape
-Rewarding top performance

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has over 100 modules which can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Getting the Appointment

Telephone tag can be deflating and it’s only those that continue to follow-up with calls that are successful in obtaining an appointment. How skilled are you at the game of phone tag? Follow these tips for success in reaching the decision maker and getting the appointment.

1) Determine in advance when the customer is most likely to be available. It’s often quite effective to call before published working hours, at lunch or after hours especially if you have a direct telephone number available to you.

2) Seek help from other people in the company if you are having difficulty reaching a desired party. Ask them when the most effective time is to call.

3) Determine whether the telephone is the best way to communicate your message. Some people prefer e-mail at all times, some regular mail and others the telephone. You will improve your chances of reaching your contact if you know the best method to do so. Are you willing to put in the time? Follow-up separates the amateurs from the professionals and one is naïve to think that one phone call will in fact reach the party you intended and secure an appointment. Be prepared to follow up.

4) State your message and the purpose of your call up front. Try to capture some interest with your introductory call. Refer to your elevator speech that points out what makes you different or unique. Answer the question “Why should they choose you” and include that in your opening line or message left via voice mail.

5) Use teasers, promotions, ads, knowledge of the industry or tenure to tweak interests. You may only have one shot at this, make it your best. Always focus on the customer’s needs when you call rather than your own. So long as we are keeping what is most important to the customer top of mind they will be far more receptive to our call.

6) Circumvent the gate keeper if need be. Some gate keepers are very good at their jobs! Think of ways that you can go directly to that individual rather than through the normal channels. Does the individual have an assistant? If so, developing rapport with that individual and finding out when the best time to call or information to offer will be very helpful to you.

7) Always specify a time that you will be calling back i.e., “So sorry to miss you this time I will try calling back tomorrow afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00”. This creates some expectations from your party and actually adds value to your introductory.

Remember when you finally do get the opportunity to speak with the owner or decision maker ask questions and be a good listener rather than jumping the gun with your enthusiasm and saying too much. Often when we’ve worked hard to get a chance to speak with someone we forget all the principles of selling which is to ask and listen rather than blurt and tell, ending up losing the opportunity we have worked so hard to gain. Remember that conversations with clients should be an even exchange of asking, listening, offering and demonstrating the value for them that you can bring.

Make Sure Your Sales Process
Matches the Customer’s Decision Process

Here’s what your customer or prospect is thinking.

Be prepared to address these questions with any sales presentation:

Decision 1: Do I want to do business with this particular sales professional?

Decision 2: Do I want to do business with the firm or company that this sales professional represents?

Decision 3: Do I want and need the products and services this sales professional is offering me?

Decision 4: Do the price and value of these products and services meet my expectations?

Decision 5: Is this the right time for me to make the decision to buy these products or services?

Your sales process needs to match the customer’s decision process. If it doesn’t you will by out of sync and their decision process and resistance will occur.

Here’s wishing you success in getting the appointment and completing the sale!


Lynn Giuliani


Lynn is now booking for 2009

She has reserved time slots for previous clients but they are filling up fast. So if you'd like to schedule training with Lynn in 2009, please contact her at your earliest opportunity. View Lynn's Calendar Here»



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