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New conferences..coming in 2009

chrysalis inn

Plan ahead for Lynn's special one or two day workshops that are being offered for the first time in this intimate, elegant setting. Learn from others in a beautiful and dynamic hotel & day spa, The Chrysalis Inn, on Bellingham's waterfront.

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April 16, 2009: Sales and Service Excellence
This is a full-day highly interactive program designed for all employees of your company.  It takes the participant through the sales process with a myriad of breakouts, role-plays and exercises.

April 17, 2009: Coaching and Leadership
This session provides both skill sets and understanding of the importance of setting clear expectations, one on one coaching, modeling the desired behaviors, caring enough to confront difficult situations, measurement and rewards with recognition. This full-day session is a must for any company embracing change.

September 10, 2009: Sales and Service Excellence
(repeat of April 16 class)

September 11, 2009: Presentation Skills
Hone your speaking skills and build your confidence in this fun-filled interactive class .

Price: only $295.00 each day which includes gourmet lunch at Fino's Fine Dining


This Month's Featured Program:

Business Development Made Easy!

-What do you need in your business development toolkit?
-Defining your market
-Getting the appointment
-Prospecting tips
-Follow up strategies
-The sale never ends

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has over 100 modules which can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Have You Heard the Secret?

Everybody is talking about The Secret and at this point it’s no secret at all. The best selling book Rhonda Byrne has created is causing quite a stir. Frankly everybody is talking about it! Why such a great success? Three reasons really;

1. The title is very catchy; they have a great marketing company promoting it, not to mention spotlights on Oprah, Larry King and CNN.
2. The technique; The Secret uses a long practiced and celebrated approach of positive thinking. The essence is breathing in success The Secret focuses on the implementation of a variety of self-help and visualization theories;
3. The timing. Our generation is looking far more inward and striving for personal improvement.

The very cornerstone of The Secret is the law of attraction. In simple terms like attracts like. Your thoughts operate like a magnet, whatever you think about you will bring into your life. If you expect positive things they will come and if you dwell on negative they will too. Most of us grow up collecting limiting beliefs, i.e., “life is hard”, or “I really shouldn’t be able to …” These negative emotions create self-limiting beliefs and The Secret teaches us to move well beyond that. I encourage everyone to read the book “The Secret” or to watch the DVD. It can change lives if one takes the message and puts the principles into action. Here are some highlights;

Watch your self language. Instead of saying to yourself, “I’m clumsy”, change those thoughts to “I live with grace”. In celebrating positive thoughts and actions that we have we will attract more of the same. Your thoughts cause your feelings and you attract your dominate thoughts. Start by using a sentence like this “I’m so happy that I am … or I’m so grateful that I have…”

As Buddha is quoted as saying “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”. So we need to visualize!!! Feel it!!! This is where the action begins.

Gratitude is a great way of turning your thinking into a whole new direction.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Oprah recommends a gratitude journal. Write notes of gratitude to friends and clients. The more your energy and thoughts go to gratitude the more you will have to be grateful for. We are the creators of our universe. Decide what you want … believe you can have it and deserve it. And then of course show gratitude for that that follows.

Visualization is the common denominator to all of the teachings around positive thinking. The Secret urges us to visualize with absolute clarity and detail. We evoke as much emotion as we can. In “The Secret” recommends vision boards where one cuts pictures from magazines of all those goals and accomplishments they want to come their way. By creating a visual of ones aspirations it brings the law of attraction just that much closer. No one else can think or feel for you, just you, so your attention becomes enhanced by a vision board which is a constant reminder of those things you wish to accomplish.

Be detailed. “The Secret” webpage, offers visualization tools to help you bring details into your vision. It helps you understand exactly what it feels like to accomplish your goals. You are the only one that creates your own reality. Take your attention away from what you don’t want and place your attention on what you want to experience.

See things as if they are already yours. Don’t see yourself as obtaining something- see it as already happening. Imagine and visualize yourself in the job you are hoping to create or walking on the beach as a trip you hope to go on, or feel your grandchild in your arms. In order to manifest what you want, we need to feel, speak and behave as if it is something that is already happened. So dress the part, act the part, think the part of what it is you want to be.

Physically move into the direction of your dreams. It’s very important to take action. Don’t worry about how you are going to get there just start moving toward it? As you start to have more successes your pace will increase. Sales people are especially good at moving towards the end result because they know how the law of attraction works in their favor. If you believe in your vision and move towards it, the “how’s” tend to take care of themselves.

If you don’t feel it you can’t manifest it. The entire message of “The Secret” is that we live in a world where anything can be yours. In order to get there you have to feel, act and do!

And here’s the secret behind “The Secret” once you actually get into a state of gratitude and positive thinking you’ll never want to go back. Your belief system changes which create a higher level of confidence and one exude an aura of success. Couple that with gratitude and you are well on your way to a future of your dreams. So ask yourself this, “Are your thoughts worthy of you?” What you think about you will attract. Think about good things and will… have them.


Lynn Giuliani


Lynn is now booking for 2009

She has reserved time slots for previous clients but they are filling up fast. So if you'd like to schedule training with Lynn in 2009, please contact her at your earliest opportunity. View Lynn's Calendar Here»



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