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cliffs of moher

Above: The Cliffs of Moher-Ireland's most visited tourist attraction - 650ft. tall

Here's wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day
and good, health and fortune for the year ahead.


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Feature Article

Put a Smile on Your Face, Some Confidence in Your Pocket and Go For It!

Incorporate these secrets of healthy mind, body and spirit for happy more confident lifestyle.

1) Sit up straight and tall. The more you look confident and happy the more you will be. This is the law of attraction. Not only will you feel better about yourself but others will see your style and be convinced you are doing great. Put a smile on your face even if you don’t feel like smiling. Look people in the eye, have a firm handshake and focus on just them when you are talking. Take inventory of yourself in the mirror often. What do you see? If you think you look good and act confident others will think so too.

2) Celebrate your achievements. One of the key ingredients of confidence is focusing on what you’ve been able to accomplish rather than what you have not. Spend some quiet time and make a list of any accomplishments. Take a moment for gratitude and celebrate your achievements.

3) Put things in perspective. Look at problems rationally instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed. Take a few steps back from your situation and look at it from multiple points of view. Remember never personalize things that are not personal. Time is a terrific healer and if life seems a bit overwhelming take a step away from it and regroup. A little rest, a little perspective can make all the difference in the world.

4) Be present! Anyone reading Eckhart Toole book, The Good Earth that was so popular on the Oprah show knows the importance of being present, completely there as a opposed to thinking of other issues, diluting your thoughts and going through the motions. Make a personal commitment to living in the here and the now – this is absolutely key to feeling confident. There are so many people that spend an inordinate amount of time regretting either the past or fearing the future. When you catch yourself drifting away from the present make sure you bring yourself back. Tell yourself that you will try to be more content with what is happening now. That’s where you need to put your energies. If there are things about the present you don’t like, change them. The choice is yours.

5) Determine your goals and write them down. Everyone should have 5 or 6 well balanced goals that keep them focused on their accomplishments and values that are most important to them. Write statements in the present tense that spell out those things you are most grateful for or wish to accomplish. These are called affirmations. For example “I embrace each day and put my energies into staying positive.”

6) Surround yourself with true friends. Avoid relationships with people who put you down or are a negative drain on your energy. Spend time with people that let you know you are valued and important. Friendships are golden. Give yourself and energy to them and they will return the favor many times over.

7) Learn from others. Look for feedback from people you respect. Good advice can help you make improvements in all aspects of your life. When you ask for advice be open to what someone has to say, it may or may not be what you were expecting. Be willing to learn from others.

8) Build on small successes. A lot of times the goals we set are pretty big and can seem daunting. Success is taking small steps everyday. Like Nike says “Just Do It!” Build on small victories and stay focused on your overall goals. Before you know it you will have achieved it.

9) Think positively – always. Look for the good things in all aspects of your life – from the simple to the complex. Put a smile on your face, some confidence in your pocket and go for it!

10) Seek out a mentor or two or three. None of us should try to do everything by ourselves when there is so much talent around us. Find a mentor that will help you learn the ropes and encourage you to take intelligent risks. A mentor can be a boss, family member, colleague or someone in a professional group; anyone open to giving advice. Don’t press for a lifetime commitment; no one has that kind of time. Let them know you admire them and their knowledge and suggest you get together for a quick lunch or cup of coffee. Sometimes e-mail can be a great tool to bounce ideas back and forth. Having someone to guide you and validate your ideas will help you feel more confident and simply get more done.

11) Listen to your heart. Confidence is an inside job. If you are going into a meeting or taking on a new endeavor, take a couple of breaths and imagine breathing through your heart. Connect to your heart it is probably the most powerful part of all of us. Put your hands over your heart, breath through it and say aloud an affirmation that will help you with confidence.

Happy trails to you …


Lynn Giuliani


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