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Building a Winning Team:

-Leading with authenticity
-Instilling professionalism
-Holding your team accountable through daily coaching
-Rewarding your star performers
-Initiatives that add fun to the workplace

This program available in full or half-day format

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Creating a Positive Business Environment
Where you work and how you feel about you work is every bit as important as how much you make. Surveys will tell you that income actually ranks behind pride in one’s company and sense of team.

Creating a positive business environment is an essential goal for any business owner or leader. Follow these steps and create the spirit:

  1. Keep staff involved. Staffs want to feel that their voice is heard. They want to be asked their opinion. They want to feel appreciated and part of a team. Involve your staff by weekly meetings, regularly asking for their input through open ended questions, and sharing changes within your company with them. The more you involve them the more you will receive from them.

  2. Balance and fair treatment. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the balance. Various employees have different talents, attitude and participation. This makes keeping the balance of the team a challenge and yet it is always essential. It’s important to accept all the members of the team and have them feel your acceptance. Each individual contributes differently and should be recognized for their individual commitment and contribution. Treat all team members fairly and with respect.

  3. Lead the way! This is your job. To create a positive business environment you must be a leader that makes this both a responsibility and a joy. Without a leader there is a lack of cohesiveness and direction. A leader’s role is to keep everyone focused in the same direction, set clear expectations, and measure to them.

  4. Developing trust among all team members. Trust and respect are the two main components in any relationship. When the team and the business environment have a sense of trust with one another the possibilities are endless. With trust stressful times are easily managed. Without it is very difficult.

  5. Earn their respect. A leader needs to earn the respect of their team members through their actions. How a leader handles themselves will set the tone and qualify the expectations of those around them. Respect is essential for any leader to be successful. Often one must choose between being liked and respected with respect as the critical component.

  6. Encourage professional growth. A good leader encourages everyone to be all they can be. They offer both their own experience as a template as well as encourage their staff members to seek whatever personal and professional development that they can.

  7. Set examples. To be clear on expectations one must set examples. That is to demonstrate “what good looks like” and to help staff members understand what is expected of them. The very best leaders are continually showing the way for others to follow, while understanding that everyone learns at their own pace. Setting examples is a critical part of leadership.

  8. Defining expectations. Setting clear expectations, reviewing them with each individual team member and evaluating contributions are all part of creating a positive team environment. Through all of these actions folks will respect their leader and actually get far more enjoyment out of working as a member of a team. Clear expectations are a sense of measurement as well as reward. People want to please their leader and company and this is one way they know in fact they are accomplishing that goal.

  9. Have fun! Life is short and we spend more time at our workplace then we do with our family and friends. Creating an environment where fun is encouraged is essential. This involves a light hearted and understanding attitude coupled with interactive activities and an inspiring culture. Remember to have fun. If the leader has fun there is a good chance those around them will too!


Lynn Giuliani


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