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Thanksgiving Message....

Thanksgiving provides a wonderful time of reflection and gratitude. Though our economic times continue on rocky ground, I see us remembering the important values and true gifts of friendships and family that ultimately remain our highest priority. This is my 15th year in training and consulting with every assignment bringing joy and new perspectives. Thank you all for giving me such a wonderful journey. May your Thanksgiving holiday be bountiful!


This Month's Featured Program:

Building Advocate Relationships

-Moving from transactions to interactions through open ended questions
-Uncovering ways to demonstrate your service value
-Selling your brand, your company and yourself
-Walk your talk...think like an owner of your company...

Lynn has been helping teams and individuals cross their 'goal lines' for 15 years as a top training coach. She enjoys working with rookies and veterans alike in personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 



Feature Article

7 Steps to Memorable Service


There are 7 steps to providing memorable service. Each step is essential in the overall customer experience. Businesses and corporations that adopt these 7 steps would distinguish themselves in the service environment and rise above their competitors. While they may seem basic, it is rare for customers to experience all 7 of these fundamentals as they frequent any establishment.

  1. Adopt a service mentality. The very first step to memorable customer service is to adopt an attitude of service for the customer mentally. This means we put the customer’s needs, wants and priorities top of mind at all times. Customers are the reason we are in business. As Sam Walton so cleverly said “The customer can hire and fire us any day of the week simply by choosing to shop elsewhere.” Without customers none of us have jobs. Think of customers as guests versus customers. With guest mentality there is always a way to make them feel welcome, valued and part of our environment. This means a courteous and respectful approach when speaking with customers and responding to their requests. We consistently thank customers for their business and never take them for granted. We strive to serve our customers with better and faster service. We appreciate our customers and look for ways to be helpful to them. We provide the very best service that we can. In doing so we never speak disparagingly or act negatively to or about our customers. We do not make judgments and strive to treat each customer with dignity and respect. We do what we say we will do and deliver the service with pride.

  2. Make your customer’s experience enjoyable. Everyone likes to do business with happy friendly people who enjoy their work and have fun doing their job. No one wants to deal with a crank or complainer or a representative that resents being at their place of work. If representatives of a company are having fun at their job they will actually attract additional customers. Those customers will enjoy doing business with you and look forward to a journey to your place of business. Smile, smile, smile. Adopt a positive attitude and keep your sense of humor. This does not mean you act silly or frivolous but look for ways to make work more enjoyable and a better experience for your customer.

  3. Speed and accuracy are essential. Customers want to be served promptly and with accuracy. When they are ready to be helped they want to be helped right now. They do not want to stand in line or hold on the telephone. They are counting on us to provide services error free. When we respond faster then our competitors we will win more business and retain customers longer. Step back from your work and evaluate how you can do it quicker and better. Set a pace others will follow. And… get it right the first time. Accuracy is essential. Put systems in place to prevent careless errors and take time necessary to complete a task. Speed and accuracy are the essentials to a well run business.

  4. Go the extra mile. Consistently exceed customers’ expectations and you will be able to set your company apart from the rest. When we do something extra we provide customers with a sense of value and create allegiance to our company. Remember that the little things are really big things. A quote by Mark Twain “Greatness is not accomplished by any individual act but a series of small things executed on a consistent basis.” Do what is asked of you and look for ways to do more!

  5. Strive for continuous improvement. We must continually improve the value, usefulness, design and reliability of every aspect of our products or services. We must look at how we package, present and deliver the goods we provide. We must continue to look for ways to work more effectively together and in greater harmony. We must be advanced in our systems and performance. Personal skills, knowledge and ability must be executed on a consistent basis. It is everybody’s job to strive for continuous improvement. Each of us is responsible for our portion of the overall pie. That means paying attention to details and taking the time to stop and think about how we are really serving our customers and what we are doing.

  6. Work as a team. Although we must all do our individual part in serving customers none of us can do it alone. Together we can achieve a much higher level of customer satisfaction. We must continue to evaluate our team approach, communicate with clarity and listen to each other. We must share responsibility so we can all develop and grow. This means pitching in to help team members who are facing pressure, stress or challenging tasks and deadlines. Think and act like a team member and add to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Help your team members develop and seek help when they need it. Speak highly of your team and each of the contributors in it.

  7. Continually demonstrate your appreciation for your customers. Our customers have the right to be appreciated. Each of them has a choice of where they do business. Be thankful for the opportunities our customers provide to serve them. Say thank you every chance you get. Our customers are never an interruption to our work but an opportunity to serve them.


Follow these 7 steps and create memorable customer service.

Lynn Giuliani


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