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Holiday Message....

Happy Holidays from Bella Giuliani, my 5 pound constant companion. Here's wishing everyone wonderful holidays with all the laughter and joy of the season. 2009 has been a struggle-well a stinker, so let's hope 2010 comes in strong and steady with good luck for all.


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Customer Service Excellence

-The top 10 steps to customer loyalty
-Moving from objection to opportunity
-Customer service building blocks
-Selling your company, products and self
-Conveying your company's bests!!!

Lynn has been helping teams and individuals cross their 'goal lines' for 15 years as a top training coach. She enjoys working with rookies and veterans alike in personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 



Feature Article

Leading Your Team Through Challenges

As a leader your job is to create both the environment and opportunity for your team to succeed. Often times this means facing challenges and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps to “stay in the game”.

Follow these action items to take the lead and keep it.

1. Keep going even if your initiatives meet resistance. Are you guilty of trying to make everybody happy? Perhaps giving up to soon? Do you tend to back peddle? Does conflict slow you down? Perhaps shake your confidence? When resistance gets the better of you take a step back, a deep breath and try to depersonalize. Avoid taking resistance or criticism personally and stick to your mission. Push forward. Resistance is a natural part of working with any team. Sometimes its legitimate but most of the time it is a factor of human nature. People will push back until they understand the why and the how. As leader it is your job to truly explain the benefits for them. Stay the course.

2. Be willing to take “against the grain” tough stands. Taking a tough stand demands confidence in what you are saying along with the humility that you might be wrong as well. Preparing to take the lead is a tough issue and one must work through mental interrogation to build their case. Scope the problem, consider options, develop a rationale and then pick your position and go for it. Prepare for those who push back and stay the course.

3. Sell your position! To sell your views keep your eyes on the prize. Give others room to maneuver. Welcome their ideas including the negative ones. Invite criticism but be prepared in advance to overcome their objections.

4. Manage your stress along the way. Producing results day after day is stressful. Some people are energized by some moderate stress. They actually work better under it. Some people are debilitated. Just remember that stress is how you look at events not the events themselves. Dealing more effectively with stress involves reprogramming your interpretation of your work and the challenges in it. Stay the course.

5. Learn to be more comfortable out in front. Leading is simply riskier then following. It involves confidence, self esteem and a clear mind. Are you someone that can take the heat? Even great leaders are wrong sometimes but they accept responsibilities for their errors and then move on. Don’t let criticism prevent you from taking a stand. If you are wrong admit it and move on and stay the course.

6. Create a common goal. Help others on your team see how their efforts fit in to overall goal by creating simple measures of achievement that they can attain. Help them keep their eyes on the prize and stay the course. This may involve setting some stretch goals. Goals help focus people’s time and effort. It allows them to perform more efficiently and effectively. Help them achieve their goals through your leadership.

7. Focus on measurement. What gets measured gets done! How can you tell if the goal was accomplished if a measurement wasn’t initially set? Establish small measures of success and reward achievements along the way.

Enjoy the journey!!!!


Lynn Giuliani


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