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New Year's Message....

Happy New Year! Here's wishing you a prosperous New Year filled with growth, good health and accomplishment. From the increased calls I've already had 2010 looks to be a better year. I hope it is for all.


This Month's Featured Program:

Ownership Thinking and Accountability ACTIONS

-What it takes to lead effectively
-Meaningful performance reviews
-Coaching your team towards increased performance
-Staying motivated. Be the best leader you can be!

This session is full of realistic breakout scenarios and provides tools for leaders to have the "tough" conversations needed around evaluations and pay increases in challenging
market conditions.

Lynn has been helping teams and individuals cross their 'goal lines' for 15 years as a top training coach. She enjoys working with rookies and veterans alike in personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 



Feature Article

Teamwork is the Heart of Great Achievement

A Chinese Proverb says “Behind an able man there are always other able men.”

The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement.

  • Teams involve more people and therefore afford more resources, ideas and energy than just one individual.

  • Teams maximize a leaders potential and minimize their weaknesses.

  • Teams provide multiple perspectives on how to meet a need or reach a goal. They divide several alternatives for multiple situations. Sometimes individual insight is not as deep and problems are more difficult.

  • Teams share the credit for victories and the blame for losses. This fosters an authentic community. Individuals take the credit and blame alone.

  • Teams keep leaders accountable for a goal.

  • Teams simply can do more than an individual.

Why do some teams fail? The answers are actually quite elementary. Ego can often be a factor. The leader fails to gain knowledge from the team members or provide credit for their contributions. Why take the journey alone when you can invite others to come along with you and gain far greater results? Working together with other people towards a common goal is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Whether it is a sports team, work team, business team, choir, band or committee, the more you share the more you grow.

1. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the affect. If you want to get better results with less work then think teams. It’s only commonsense that people working together can do more than individuals working alone. All great teams are the result of their players making decisions based on what is best for the rest of the group not them as an individual. When talent of varying individuals begins to flow in single direction, amazing accomplishments can happen. The team’s energy takes on a life of its own.

2. Great teams create community. An effective team creates an environment while relationships grow and teammates become connected to one another. They create a sense of community for an environment based on trust. Very little can be accomplished without this trust. When individual participants give freely they begin to have faith in one another. The stronger the sense of community the greater the potential outcome as a result. This does not mean that teams are without conflict. A leader’s job is to help guide direct and support and minimize the differences of opinion or maximize what can come as a result of varying talents and views.

How do you grow a team?

1. Develop team members. The first step is to take each individual, identify their potential and help that member grow. The team leader’s job is to see the potential and assist in furthering it.

2. Continually add key team members. This will bring in new talent, energy and focus.

3. Remove ineffective team members. Sometimes a team member can turn a winning team into a losing one with lack of skill and poor attitude. In these cases you must put the team first and make changes for the greater good. Growing a team is demanding and time consuming.

4. Create an environment that unleashes new leaders. Every great leader is continually looking for someone to fill their shoes or move to higher levels. They have great desire to lead and succeed and are genuinely happy to see someone else rise above them.

5. Commit resources to develop people. There is no greater investment than in your team members. Seek out resources, model desired behaviors, coach and develop. Reap the rewards.

Enjoy the journey.


Lynn Giuliani


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