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Hope all the mothers reading this had a joyful day yesterday. And for all our readers, may your eyes be as bright as my grandson Ty Christopher Giuliani and be eager for the days ahead.


This Month's Featured Program:

Building Your Brand From the Inside Out

-Communication tips and strategies
-What is your personal brand? "How would others decribe YOU?"
-What does your company brand represent?
-How are you seen in your community?
-Walking and talking your brand values

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Stress Buster Strategies
How Stressed Are You?

Welcome to our two part series on Stress and how it can be managed.

In our current struggling economy and with lives going faster and faster and more and more complicated stress is inevitable.

Stress is everywhere. Some stress is good and jazzes you up, and other causes damage both physically and emotionally. How we manage stress is the key. One of my favorite quotes is "How you view stress determines how much you will have!" We can all "wind" ourselves up with thoughts and worries making something small into much more than it really is. And those that seem to cope so easily have more fun, and enjoy life much more. I so admire them ...perhaps this series will help you too manage stress more effectively. Wishing you the best...Lynn

Take this quiz and see where you rank in the Stress Game.

This is a quick, informal “eye-opener” to help you recognize some of the life conditions that determine your level of stress. Assign each question a number from 0 to 5:

0 = Never 3 = Sometimes 5 = Habitually

____ I have a lot on my mind that worries me – at work, at home, or both.
____ I have too much responsibility.
____ My family makes too many demands on me.
____ My work situation is unclear; there are too many people to satisfy.
____ I don’t have enough time for leisure and to take care of personal needs.
____ There is a great deal of time pressure at work.
____ I have difficulty expressing how I feel about situations and people.
____ I have trouble focusing on a task.
____ I have difficulty communicating with my spouse, children, family, boss, or co-workers.
____ I handle most things alone, with little support from family, co-workers, etc.
____ I do not have enough say in decisions that affect me.
____ My personal needs are in conflict with my organization or family.
____ Other people or circumstances keep me from doing what I want or have to do.
____ I am often fatigued.
____ People or things often irritate me.
____ There is considerable illness in my life – of my own or in my family.
____ I am short of cash flow and have financial concerns.
____ My life is one “crisis” after another.
____ I regularly have headaches. (Twice a week = 5)
____ I have muscle tension in my shoulders, neck or back.
____ I have stomach pains, indigestion or other digestive problems.
____ I take aspirin, indigestion medication, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, etc. regularly.
____ I have a tendency to overeat, especially sweets.
____ I regularly have a drink to “wind down”.
____ I drink a great deal of coffee or other caffeine drinks.
____ I am not satisfied with my sex life.
____ Family, friends, people at work tell me I drink too much.
____ Most of my time is spent sitting – I get little exercise.
____ I smoke.
____ I have extremely high standards for myself.
____ I would like to make changes in my life but don’t know how.
____ TOTAL

Under 35:
Congratulations!!! You’re in good shape.
35 – 65:
Average – but you could lower your stress level.
66 – 85:
Think seriously about changes in your life.
86 – Above:
Act now to reduce stress!!!


Now that you've determined your score consider these steps to mange stress and get more enjoyment and results from your life!

Steps to Manage Stress

Step 1: Recognize your stress symptoms and events.
The sooner you can recognize your early warning signs (physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral) of stress building, the sooner you’ll be able to take steps to manage it. In addition, sort through your experience and identify what event(s) you are reacting to. These events are usually interpersonal or related to life changes.

Step 2: Recognize your need to manage stress.
Make a conscious decision to start doing things to relieve your stress. Determine how you prefer to feel both emotionally and physically.

Step 3: Reduce your physical symptoms of stress.
Reduce your level of physical reaction through exertion (i.e., exercise) or relaxation. Use this as an opportunity to “disengage” from your stressful reaction.

Step 4: Change your stress inducing self-talk to stress relieving alternatives.
Ask yourself, “What am I telling myself about this event that is generating my anger and/or fear?” Modify your self-talk by changing demands to preferences, or challenging irrational self-talk and reframing the means of events.

Step 5: Act (without feeling stressed).
Select a strategy to handle your stress:
a) Respond effectively in the heat of the moment.
b) Plan and then act to change the conditions/events leading to your stress.
c) Continue to do things to reduce your physical symptoms of stress on a regular basis.

The end result: Decrease in the frequency, intensity, and duration of the "out of control" feelings in your life.

Stay tuned for next month's formula for reducing stress and its effects on you, plus 33 action steps and a 5-step goal setting program to take you to another level of personal success

Here's wishing you well!

Lynn Giuliani


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