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It's budget time everyone! That oh so fun time of the year where we crystal ball the coming year and hope to capture more market share, develop our employees, and increase profits all while cutting expenses. A tall order in the best of times. 2007 was my best year! In 2008 I took time off by design for knee replacement surgery. And then came 2009...everyone's downward spiralling year. 2010 has been measurably better and I anticipate 2011 to be darned good. Smart companies never stop training. When competition is highest they keep a steady pulse on the accelerator and wait for the right moment to shift into a higher gear. They continually invest in their people because they know that it is the people factor that separates good from great. Now is the time to actively market your company and build both confidence and skill sets with your team members.

Clients are actively reserving dates now for 2011. Call now and ask Lynn to custom design a program specific to your current needs.

Telephone coaching and sales management have become very popular. Each participant is expected to complete homework assignments and maintain their own personal development plan. Management receives a written objective status report each month to monitor their progress.


This Month's Featured Program:

Sales and Service Excellence:

This is a full-day highly interactive program designed for all employees of your company. It takes the participant through the sales process with a myriad of breakouts, role-plays and exercises. The participants learn from each others styles and client approach, improve their product knowledge and embrace the opportunity that everyone can help their company grow through effective sales and service skills.

If you are planning an all-staff training day this program is ideal!

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

It’s Never Too Late to Hang a U-Turn

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut?

That each day is a repeat of the previous? That you have great ideas but they never seem to materialize?

This can be a “funk” that many of us fall into. Follow these classical steps and start creating action rather than reaction.

1. Take small steps. Inch by inch anything’s a cinch! Think of simple changes or enhancements that you can make to your daily life, perhaps your customer service approach or to improve a product. These actions can be elementary that, combined with initiative, create measurable results.

2. Seek out help. Few should try to serge ahead by themselves. Those that are most successful surround themselves with talented people and create a library of resources that will help them. In today’s world with the internet, social media and so much educational information, the options are limitless.

3. Try something new. If you continue to do the same things you will continue to get the same results. Be innovative. Write down ideas you have and keep them in a journal or even a shoebox. Start a new action each and every day.

4. Get up earlier and get to it! Just an extra hour a day can make all the difference in the world if one uses it wisely. Visualize the achievements you wish to create and devote an extra hour towards those accomplishments each day. You will be amazed at the results plus your own sense of satisfaction.

5. Focus on your health. People that are mindful of good exercise and eating habits simple feel better and therefore it is easier to get things done. The more you do the more you’ll want to do. Enjoy the sense of pride in a day full of accomplishments.

6. Develop childlike curiosity. Ask more questions of why things are the way they are. Become an observer. Study people. Ask your customers what they want. Ask your vendors about your competitors. Get curious, ask more questions. Get more answers. Answers create results.

7. Be willing to fail. Success only comes with multiple trial and error. Think of how many times a toddler falls before they actually walk comfortably on their own. If they gave up trying they would never walk. Failure is just one step closer to success.

8. Move out of your comfort zone. This means breaking out of your routines and those day to day activities that we fall into out of a sense of habit or routine. Try something new and enjoy the view. Give up that tricky limiting “in the shell” thinking and think out of the box.

9.Celebrate your successes. Look at those new things that you’ve tried and give yourself a pat on the back for breaking ground and moving ahead. Then begin moving forward one step at time until you’re done!

Go with gusto!


Lynn Giuliani


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