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Holiday Greetings and a Happy Healthy New Year from Bella Giuliani.
("My Mom dresses me up and thinks it's so cute...I just want the Christmas turkey!")


This Month's Featured Programs:

Personal Development Coaching

More and more I am receiving requests for one on one coaching to assist employees with their communication skills amongst co-workers.

Companies often have long term employees that are either resisting change or facing some sort of conflict with other employees. Sessions are an hour each and come with a "homework" assignment for employees to work on in between visits or telephone calls. Typically 6 sessions are recommended with a couple "tune-ups" at a later time. Successes have been measurable helping employees at work and in all aspects of their lives.

Telephone Sales Coaching

What a great way to support your sales representatives with weekly telephone sales coaching. I set expectations, recommend activity levels and help with challenging
customer objections or resistance to setting appointments. Most of all I instill the disciplines of sales with regular follow up and support. This coaching really works! Also very effective with small sales team groups.

Leadership Development

Most of our leaders were appointed based on tenure with limited training and development. Their leadership skills can make or break any organization. And...with any leadership comes daily challenges with employees, the "squeeze" with senior management and one's own goals and responsibilities. Invest in your management team through personal coaching. The return is huge!

Coaching fees: $150.00 per hour

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article


Why Employees Stay In a Job
(In order of importance) Source Harvard Business School Review

1. Good Relationship with Co-Workers. That’s right we spend more time at work then we do with our loved ones so our relationships are very important. In essence our work team becomes a second family and one that we ideally look forward to exchanging ideas, laughs and even sorrows everyday.

2. Job Security. The economy is tough we all know it. Unemployment is high, we all know it. Even having a job in this day and age is something to be tremendously grateful for. Job security helps you sleep at night.

3. Desirable Commute. More and more people are focusing on the quality of their lives and therefore the time spent commuting to work each day is seen as a negative. A desirable commute could very well attract a high potential candidate to your company.

4. Desirable Working Hours. Again the balance of life and simple enjoyment of one’s everyday is a key factor in why people stay on the job.

5. Work/Life Balance. The trend is moving towards work/life balance. As our baby boomers get closer and closer to retirement they realize the value of time… precious time.

6. Sufficient Mental Stimulation and Challenges. To be challenged is fun. It gets a person fired up and excited about go

7. Attractive Benefits. The cost of medical and other insurances are extremely high. Benefits are an attractive draw towards any company.

8. Good Relationship with Manager(s). We work more for our boss then we do for the name on the door. A relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect with our supervisor is a key element in job satisfaction.

9. Attractive Compensation. Yes these are in order of importance. Compensation is number 9 of 10. It is important but it is not the only reason someone selects or stays in a job.

10. Adequate Recognition and Appreciation. We all like to be recognized and appreciated for a job well done. This becomes a part of a healthy culture in a company and is a key contributor towards retention and satisfaction.



Lynn Giuliani



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