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Coaching Effectiveness:


This session is an excellent follow up to any of my Coaching and Leadership programs. It explores just how well your coaches are...coaching! Are they asking effective open-ended questions that get to the real root of an issue...or are they just focusing on numbers and essentially order taking themselves? Are they helping their employees create a referral based culture that fosters teams? Are they demonstrating techniques? How does the employee really feel about the coaching experience? Is it a quality experience or just "getting it done?"

If Coaching and Mentoring employees is part of your culture...and it surely should be...this program is a must for you.

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article


WAR on Mediocrity (W. O. M.)

In month’s past we focused on physical health and well being and how when we are in our best shape and physical condition, it can enhance our business opportunities. This month we are declaring War on Mediocrity! I’m sure that you all have experienced a co-worker or associate whose performance is mediocre at best. Well let’s make sure that arrow never points at us personally by following these easy steps.

Know yourself!

-Know your strengths and weaknesses and accept them. Strive to be the best you can be with the strengths that you have and utilize those strengths for the best results possible. A weakness is just a strength not yet cultivated.

Visualize what you want and get it!

-The power of visualization is extremely strong. When we “play out” in our mind those dreams, goals, achievements we want to happen and see ourselves accomplishing them, incredible results will follow. Every motivational speaker on the planet encourages us to visualize accomplishing our goals and to experience the feeling that comes with them. This “dress rehearsal” will create a winning performance.

Make a commitment - with yourself – write it down – and do it!

-That’s a tall order but it works. It is a prescription for success. Review what you have written down, your commitment, daily and honor that commitment to yourself just as you would honor a commitment to your boss or co-worker on your team.

Celebrate your successes!

-That’s right! When we have successes we want to celebrate them and reinforce that feeling once again, of accomplishing those things that are most important to us. Celebration is the reward and when we feel that reward we want to do more of the activities that have brought us to this point.

Be prepared to work… hard!

-No great accomplishments come without a little sacrifice and hard work. If we think otherwise we are naïve. Hard work, determination and focus are the ingredients to help us go the distance.

Combine baby steps with big steps – and always move forward!

-The comment is somewhat self explanatory. We must take the big steps to move forward significantly however it will be the constant baby steps “inch by inch” that will be the steady movement forward. “Inch by inch anything’s a cinch!”

Read everyday!

-Those that read accomplish more …plain and simple. Focus on a topic and devote a minimum of 30 minutes a day to further accomplishment, understanding and the development of expertise within that product or topic. Those that read on a daily basis achieve more- its simple.

Stay flexible!

-Just because we have a formula doesn’t mean any of this is easy. We need to stay flexible for the little speed bumps or challenges that come along and will slow us down from time to time or send us in an opposite direction. When we declare war on mediocrity we must stay flexible and always keep the big picture in mind so that we keep our compass in a forward direction.

Teach someone what you know!

-To teach it is to know it! By teaching someone else we further develop our own expertise and in a subliminal force we confirm the knowledge and power that we possess. It’s the right thing to do… teaching helps others and it helps you too!

Develop solid relationships!

-We are down right silly if we think we can accomplish all of our goals by ourselves. To have a support network around you at work, in our social settings and at home, is simply huge. When we can tap into the resources, knowledge, experiences, and often staying power of others we are indeed wise. Knowing that others can help us and enjoy helping us, is wisdom in itself.

Seek out a mentor!

-Perhaps this individual is from your circle of friends or work associates and perhaps it’s someone completely outside of your regular contacts. To have a mentor and a coach is extremely valuable in achieving your dreams and goals. This declares war on mediocrity because it pushes you beyond what you would normally accomplish.

Practice, practice, practice… makes perfect! Here’s wishing you success!

-To declare war on mediocrity is to continually strive to improve on one’s approach, talents, mindset and very being. We should never stop learning and strive for CANEI… Constant And Never Ending Improvement.


Lynn Giuliani



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