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Coaching for Sales and Personal Development

-Becoming a geniune leader
-Service Standards that create clarity and drive positive behavior
-Coaching beyond the numbers
-Building relationships of trust, respect and open communication

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

“Be a Class Act”

Live by your own highest standards. Class Acts liberate themselves by establishing personal standards of thinking and behavior that are more demanding and exacting than those of conventional society. They are consciously chosen, established, and applied.

Maintain dignity and grace under pressure. There are three aspects of this characteristic. The first is imperturbability in the face of chaos. Because you are used to leading yourself by living by your own highest standards, you are able to lead others as well. The second is calmness that gives courage. Your calmness gives others hope that things will turn out all right. The third is a quality of certainty.

Focus and improve the behavior of others. Because a Class Act individual is a good role model, other people around them begin thinking and acting at a level that surprises both themselves and others.

Operate from a larger, inclusive perspective. Because Class Acts are in touch with their own humanity, they have a deeper understanding and compassion for the humanity of others. They feel inextricably linked to others, are compassionate about human failures, and are courteous in the midst of conflict.

Increase the quality of every experience. Class Act individuals have the ability to transform seemingly insignificant situations into something enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable because of their conscious thinking and actions. They are creators rather than consumers, and they constantly enrich the lives of other by inducing greater beauty, significance, uniqueness, and stimulus into every experience.

Counteract meanness, pettiness, and vulgarity. The hallmarks of this characteristic are courtesy, respect, appreciation, gratitude and generosity of spirit.

Take responsibility for actions and results. Class Act individuals are accountable when others hide. They tell the truth about failures and transform defeats into progress.

Strengthen the integrity of all situations. Class Act individuals are always establishing and achieving larger goals that require them to constantly grow and develop as well as add increasing value to the world.

Expand the meaning of being human. Class Act individuals approach everyone, including themselves uniquely and constantly find new ways to make life better for themselves and others. In pushing boundaries for themselves, they do the same for others by giving them new freedom to express their uniqueness in the world.

Increase the confidence and capabilities of others. Class Acts are energy creators rather than energy drainers. Class Acts have confidence in themselves by consciously choosing their governing ideas and ideals and creating structures that support the fulfillment of their aspirations and capabilities.


Lynn Giuliani



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