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Here's wishing you happy summer travel experiences!


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New Blog Launching in September

I will be starting a blog in September to provide you with more frequent updates. I invite you to check in for my weekly blog updates, business tips and new ideas


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Feature Article

'Travel – The Fun, Frustration and Familiar'

August is a busy travel month as we head out to capture the sun and enjoy special times with family and friends. With nearly 2 million mileage points I feel more than qualified to share some travel tips and tales.

Can you relate to these?

• The inexperienced travelers who bring liquids through security and significantly hold up the lines. And … complain profusely. Where have they been the last 10+ years?

• The gum popper… enough said!

• The slow and "OCD" traveler that holds up the plane boarding by having to get their jacket “just so” in the overhead compartment.

• The seat kicker behind you – adult or child … it’s annoying.

• The crying baby … enough said.

• Getting “clocked” by a backpack or bag by the unaware passenger.

• Toilets in airports that flush while you’re still sitting. Oh my!

• Packing 2 right foot savvy – strappy heels as I recently did while attending a formal banquet. Trust me, the rhinestone flip flops bought in the hotel gift shop did not suffice.

• The traveling “chatter” that sits beside you and want to t…a…l…k throughout the flight – and you’re exhausted.

• Forgetting an essential item like a phone charger, deodorant or toothbrush – yikes!

• Liquid spills … Dang! My worst was Sorghum Molasses from Arkansas.

Or on a warm note… these?

• The toddler running for a warm embrace from waiting Grandparents.

• One of our devoted military returning home to family – no dry eyes here!

• A child on their first flight wide eyed with wonder and excitement.

• Our elderly and wise going for a family reunion or holiday.

I was recently on a flight with a man in his 60’s that announced to anyone who would listen that it was his very first flight. May I repeat ...anyone and everyone heard this news!

Alaska Airlines (who I am very loyal to) was astute enough to upgrade him to first class, where I too, was lucky enough to sit. This novice flyer chattered through the entire flight “Isn’t this great?” “Oh pretzels, how nice?” “I can’t believe I’m so lucky!” and so on … We all know the sharing of his first flight and the privilege of sitting in first class will be shared hundreds more times. Think of this story for your marketing and brand awareness. Alaska Airlines created a fan forever!

Here’s a few travel tips I hope will help:

• Roll your clothes in plastic to prevent wrinkles.

• Pack liquids in gallon size zip lock bags. Easy to see and a protection from spilling.

• Pack vitamins in snack or quart sized zip lock bags. (Easy to see and less space than separate bottles)

• Save and pack small bottles from Hotel Shampoos etc and fill with your own favorites.

• Keep prescriptions, phone chargers, valuables and breakables in your carry-on luggage.

Organize and plan ahead of time:

• Make a list of what you’re bringing and the accessories that compliment them. Stick to your list. Check them off as you pack each item.

• Pack in coordinating colors so you can bring less and combine them.

• Think about shoes! They take up the most space so plan outfits to go with 1-2 pairs of shoes.

• Roll scarves and ties to avoid wrinkles.

• Pack a zippered tote bag in your suitcase to accommodate purchases made.

• Pack a plastic bag for laundry.

• Be comfortable. Choose clothing and shoes that you can walk easily in and a light jacket so you can really enjoy your trip.

• Wear your running/walking shoes on the plane. They take up too much space in your suitcase.

Or...You can borrow an experience from my husband Mike. We took a driving trip through Tennessee and Kentucky. I has multiple outfits planned and coordinated and he announced that he was bringing only one pair of jeans and shorts along with “undies” and socks. His plan was to buy and wear a souvenir t-shirt each day of the trip. He had more fun than I can tell you selecting those t-shirts … not a bad plan either!

Happy Travels…


Lynn Giuliani



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