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September is Back to School Month-Time to Rev Up!


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September is "Back to School" month with our minds focussing on training and education after an enjoyable mental break in August. Call now (360 319-6776) or email me at to reserve dates for 2012.

All training is custom designed for each client. With over 300 modules I am confident of addressing your needs in the people skills areas: Sales, Service, Leadership, Communication and Teambuilding.

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This Month's Featured Programs:

Sales and Service Excellence

This highly interactive proagram is designed for all employees. It sends the message that proactive service equates to sales and company growth.

Components include:
-Positive first impressions
-Initiating conversations and establishing rapport
-Open ended questions to determine needs and "connect"
-Professional presentations (features, advantages and benefits)
-Overcoming objections
-Asking for the sale
-Follow up disciplines

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

'Sit in the Front Seat of Life!'

Ever watch a classroom fill up and notice that the back rows fill first? And then a couple of bright “shiny penny” students will sit in the front rows eager to experience all they can. I complement them every time for sitting in the front seat of life.

• Why do folks gather towards to the back?
• Why do students approach a class with new information and new experiences with doubt or reservation?
• Why do we hold back?
• Is it a social thing?

I’m not sure of the answer, but I can guarantee you those that sit in the front seat are always better participants and I can only assume get much more out of a class. This is just one example of how they might approach their lives....eager to get the very most from each experience. Here are some ideas that might help you “sit in the front seat of life”.

• Never underestimate yourself… your intelligence, your contribution to an event, or your influence on others. Don’t sell yourself short. Concentrate on the experience and getting as much out of it as possible. Utilize your talents.

• Remember that your attitude is more important than your intelligence. A receptive open attitude that is ready to learn is a gift in itself.

• Approach any new endeavor with enthusiasm, curiosity and a desire to maximize your experience from it.

• Make eye contact and smile! Smile Big! This is the first step towards an engagement with potential new friends, more focus, more attention and more rewards.

• Practice speaking up! This is not easy for everyone, but if you do, it will build confidence and give you a greater return on your experiences. Assert yourself, get more and give more.

• Seek out the positive. Make a concentrated effort to put positive thoughts into your memory bank. Reframe if you need to, and gain a positive outlook from new information.

• Put people in the proper perspective. Many people are “unique” or different from you in looks, style or approach. Some can seem standoffish. Some are bold and they seem as if they bark or bite. Remember they are human beings just like you and never let them intimidate you. Be open to their differences.

• Incorporate a positive vocabulary into your life. Use upbeat cheerful, favorable words. Positive language encourages positive thoughts.

• Practice adding value to thoughts. Listen to new information and make references to your own experiences or other information that you’ve gained so that you can multiply this knowledge and experience.

• Visualize a positive experience before you ever attend or participate in any event. Energy flows where attention goes! Anticipate the best and you will receive just that!

And remember to sit in the front seat of life !

Lynn Giuliani



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