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Feature Article

Reasons to Make Contact

The holiday time is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to make contact with friends, colleagues, and clients to say we are thinking of them and show our appreciation.

This is especially true for someone who gives you referrals or helps your business grow. Once a person has a “reason to make contact” the rest becomes quite easy. Often we fear making "in person" calls, but with a gift or holiday gesture it becomes quite easy.

Here are a few examples of holiday gestures for you to enjoy:

  • Asking a friend, colleague, client or prospect to lunch… coffee or even a holiday libation.

  • Small Gifts delivered in person...

  • 4” – 8” potted plant with fancy ribbon and your business card attached

  • A candy jar filled with wrapped candy. One that gives you a reason to come back throughout the year and refill.

  • A box of thank you or note cards.

  • Holiday cider or wine.

  • A candle.

  • Basket of food goodies.

  • Gourmet coffee or tea.

  • Box of candy.

  • Magazine subscription.

  • A business oriented book or book of their interest.

  • A photograph of the individual at a memorable time in a nice frame.

These are just a few ideas of gift items in the $5 - $20 price range that act as gestures of good will and appreciation.

Holiday cards are always well received as is a phone call. Always sign them personally, preprinted signatures are sterile. My personal bias is against e-cards at anytime … they simply lack the personal touch.

The Holidays are a great time for giving of yourself or as a gesture. Remember though to find ongoing "reasons to make contact" to further develop the relationships and simply show that you care!

Here’s wishing you success

Lynn Giuliani



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