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Developing Lifetime Customer Relationships

-Relationship Building 101
-Customer problem resolution
-Initiating conversations through open ended questions
-6 steps to overcoming objections
-Creating winning lasting impressions!


Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Achieving Your Priorities

Here’s How…

• Build up your energy and vitality so that you can live at full throttle and enjoy the best health available to you.

• Chase your dreams, pursue your passions, and don’t hold back. Take a shot at anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish or experience.

• Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Look for ways to say “yes” to your life, and to figure out how you can take action to make things work, rather than wasting time worrying about how or why you can’t.

• Stretch a little beyond your comfort zone. Try some things you’re not entirely sure you can do. Risk making mistakes, and let go of the need to do everything perfectly. Life is one big target-practice experiment. If you fire and miss, big deal. Take aim and fire again. That’s how you’ll build the skills you need to succeed.

• Stay true to your core values. Even as you’re busy living your life to the fullest, remember to check in with your internal compass now and then, and take stock of what matters most to you.

• Be receptive to whatever this amazing year brings. This is life, after all – and long or short, inevitably, it’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Lynn Giuliani



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