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Feature Article

This is the first of 3 articles on Sales Leadership. Hope you enjoy them.

Objectives for Successful Sales Meetings

Your objective as a sales leader is to conduct a meeting that is informative, pertinent and enjoyable. I add the last point of being enjoyable because so many meetings are dull, no interaction and simply focus on rules and regulations.

The following are outcomes to strive for in an effective sales meeting:

• To provide for an interaction with your sales people and yourself (to get to know them better as people and performers.

• To provide recognition for achievements and validation for a job well done.

• To exchange ideas so that one sales person shares a best practice with another.

• TRAINING! You sales meeting should be a forum for training. This will include new products, procedures, any campaigns and promotions and a myriad of other areas.

• To offer a forum for sharing problems and successes by both management and your sales people.

• To help sales people feel useful, important and part of the overall team and bigger picture.

• And last but really least, it is a place to disseminate policy.

For years I have said that the weekly sales meeting is number one ingredient in creating a proactive sales culture. By bringing your people together, the same day of each week, to share ideas, practice, learn new things and have some fun your actions state the importance of this focus.

Being a sales person can be a lonely job and to spend time with peers while obtaining valuable information should be a welcome part of any sales person’s week.

Here are some objectives that you might focus on for your meetings.

• Be careful not to include too many subjects… less is more. You want to allow sufficient time for discussion and exchange as well as disseminating the information.

• Another great way to keep meetings entertaining is to vary presenters. In so doing you have an opportunity to get a better feel of your sales people’s presentation skills while out in the field and they have an opportunity to show their stuff amongst their peers. Plan to incorporate this into your meetings!

Here are objectives for your consideration during meetings.

• Introducing a new product or service.

• Analyzing the competition.

• How accounts are opened and what follow-up is in place.

• Explaining a sales contest, promotion or new compensation plan.

• A discussion around retaining and expanding existing business, essentially cross-selling (a very valuable topic).

• Discussion around technology or automation – How to use social media to grow your client base.

• Improving selling techniques through role-plays, training and practice amongst the team.

• Obtaining leads – prospecting.

• Sharing best practices, doing demonstrations or specific training.

• Time management, (a big one and always needed.)

• Time and territory management.

• Reporting. The importance of weekly sales reporting, content and delivery.

• Discussing safety or legal issues.

• Alleviating tension between the sales force and management… yes this can happen!

Every sales meeting should have an agenda sent out in advance. Participants should know what to expect, what to bring and what to be prepared for. It should have a time limit that is adhered to. An effective meeting needs a leader, participation from the group and valuable content.

Here’s wishing you success in your weekly sales meetings!

Lynn Giuliani



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