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Feature Article

This is the last of 6 articles on Sales Leadership. Hope you enjoy them.

Motivating Your Sales People

The sales manager’s job is getting work done through other people. His or her success frankly depends on those people. To accomplish this one must hire the best and terminate the rest! This may sound harsh but your success is their success!

Training is essential for product, customer profiling, competitor knowledge, sales skills and follow-up disciplines. To fully understand and capitalize on a sales person’s potential you must motivate that person and everyone is motivated by different things. Certainly money talks, let there be no doubt.

Today’s competitive market with the high costs of living money is clearly important. However, studies show recognition and appreciation for a job well done shared with the sales person is rated as number one. As a matter of fact the number one reason that a sales person leaves their job is not the company or the pay or the product but a lack of appreciation from their sales manager. This means our topic of motivating a sales person becomes more and more important to all.

Since every sales person has different needs, goals, aspirations and problems the sales manager’s true job is uncovering those and then helping each sales person satisfy their needs, reach their goals and resolve any challenges.

Sales people needs, goals and motivation can most generally be classified in these following areas.

• Praise and recognition.
• A feeling of usefulness and contribution.
• Challenge and achievement. Being stretched in their goals.
• Authority and freedom.
• Feeling empowered.
• A sense of self-realization and fulfillment through personal growth.
• Promotions. To many, moving up the ladder as quickly as possible is a huge contributor towards their satisfaction.
• Esteem and status.
• A sense of belonging. (Most people spend more time with their co-workers then they do with their family so getting along with them and enjoying the journey is critical.)
• Pleasant interpersonal relationships with management and peers.
• Consistent, competent and qualified leadership.
• A sense of fairness in company policy and administration.
• Job security.
• Compensation and advancement.

While this article focuses on sales people, the above list of needs and motivating factors apply to most all employees regardless of position.

Sales people want to be noticed, praised and appreciated for their performance and it is a sales manager’s job to do exactly that.

Recognition involves anything from a casual thank you over the phone to a formal rewards dinner. It can be an e-mail or a one on one conversation over lunch. And, it can be a prize, trip, gift certificate awarded to them at a sales meeting amongst their peers.

A lack of recognition or the silent treatment, as one might call it, could be seen as a punishment. So recognition becomes more and more effective as a motivational tool than other venues.

As a sales manager your number one job is to inspire your team to cultivate the highest results and the greatest sense of self for each participant.

It’s a Win Win proposition!!!

Lynn Giuliani


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