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Happy Holidays from sunny Arizona! Here’s wishing you all the joys of the season
and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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Building Your Brand from the Inside Out

-What does your brand represent?
-Helping everyone articulate its message
-Setting standards to uphold your Brand
-Marketing and communicating your Brand
-Incorporating your Brand into your “everyday” culture!

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

8 Traits to Create Your Dream Life


Everyone wants to be happy and successful. Trouble is, happiness and success are hard to define. Focus on doing a few easy things that would let you be your very best and the most upbeat version of you. Christopher Peterson, Ph.D., and Martin Seligman, Ph.D., leaders in the field of positive psychology recommend these great eight character traits as secret components to a happy life.


What is it? The raw endurance, perseverance and passion that keep you going despite obstacles.

Why it matters: Realizing big dreams takes work. When researchers at the University of Pennsylvania asked people in various fields, from banking to art, to describe star performers, grit came up over and over. Having grit isn’t always fun. It can mean working 24/7 and sometimes that's exactly what it takes. That's why grit requires passion. It's easier to plug away at a goal if you're fired up about it.


What is it? Doing what's in line with your most fundamental goals, even when you're tempted to stray.

Why it matters: Self-control pushes you to make the difficult choice like going to the gym over the immediately appealing option (such as something fun) for a result that will eventually pay off (like a better body or improved health). College students who scored high in self-control not only earned better grades but were less depressed and anxious, and had stronger personal bonds and hardier self-esteem, with stronger overall struggles. Look at people with a strong sense of self control and you will typically see people that have a higher level of success.


What is it? A strong desire for seeking out the new and different.

Why it matters: People who describe themselves as intentionally curious report greater life satisfaction and a deeper sense of meaning. They're also apt to push themselves to learn and meet their goals, Curious people are better at solving problems. If you give them a challenge they actually see it as fun and a conquest to solve it. They stay focused and disciplined until they get the answer.


What is it? Close, caring relationships where the good vibes flow both directions.

Why it matters: Love makes it easier to get through tough times and reach your peak potential. According to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, when people were standing next to a friend, they perceived a hill as less steep and most anything less difficult. The sense of companionship and mutual support simply makes things easier and the task of getting them more enjoyable.


What is it? Believing that the best may lie ahead.

Why it matters: If you have faith that good things are likely to happen, you may be more open to opportunities when they arise. Research from Duke University found that optimistic MBA grads got jobs faster, despite being pickier. When you think about it, it makes sense that if you prep more and come across as more confident it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Optimistic people are magnetic. Other people simply want to be around them. It is no secret that they get jobs much easier than those that are not.


What is it? Your “gray-dar”—how well you pick up on the gray areas of a situation and intuit the things that people don't say out loud.

Why it matters: When you're dealing with tricky office politics, navigating a tense family dinner or trying to decode any interaction in which someone isn't expressing exactly what they mean, being able to read people and situations accurately will win you allies and make everyday encounters a lot more fun. People that are intuitive and able to read other people are an asset in any business situation or environment.


What is it? Fully appreciating and noticing the good in oneself, other people and the world at large, then giving that appreciation back in spades.

Why it matters: We all say thank you countless times a day. Often this is automatic. But, when you express true gratitude, you motivate others to be generous, which we know produces joy. Unlike self-control or grit, gratitude is not something that requires a goal, it is something one can do all on their own. Gratitude comes from within. Gratitude is appreciation for all that’s around you.


What is it? Tackling life with energy, excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness.

Why it matters: People filled with positive energy tend to see their work as a calling—and end up more satisfied with what they do and with life in general, the Journal of Organizational Behavior reports. Some people are naturally zestful, but attitude, life goals and health can play a big part. When you have these things going for you, work becomes really quite easy. Zest is contagious. Surrounding yourself with active, interested and enthusiastic people helps, too!

So…. If you reach a stumbling block call someone with zest or optimism or gratitude, that’s curious and has a little social intelligence or maybe just pure grit that will help you and make it all the more enjoyable.

Here’s wishing you a successful journey.

Adaptations from SELF Magazine Article by Beth Janes

Lynn Giuliani


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