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What the NFL Playoffs Can Teach Us About Reaching Our Goals:
Never Give Up and Always Give 110%
(Seahawks were down 14-0 & 20-0 on the road and almost pulled off 2 wins)



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Coaching and Leadership

Of all my programs this is the most essential for any company, for it is your management team that will ensure your success and growth. They are the folks that see your front line people every day and can instill confidence, share new skill sets, and hold them accountable. Consider this one-day session to start your year off right!

-Effective Communication Styles
-Setting Clear Expectations
-Modeling Desired Behaviors
-Measurement and Performance Standards
-Daily Coaching and Mentoring
-Rewards and Recognition

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Throw the Box Out the Window!

You’ve heard the expression “Get out of the box…” well that’s not enough! If you want to get ahead in life you need to “Throw the box out the window!” As a matter of fact if you want to get the same results, continue doing the same thing. If you want change then you must stretch yourself and take some risks which means doing different things and pushing yourself beyond normal limits. To do these things you will achieve personal growth, expansion and self-development.

Follow these steps and enjoy the view from the top.

Get curious. One reason we fall into routine and fail to achieve our true potential is we play it safe. We make assumptions about life and people. We fear what can go wrong instead of explore and see what can go right. We get in a rut, a routine and fail to seek new opportunities and possibilities. So push the limits and try something new. As a matter of fact, try lots of things new. It’s the only way you will find new things. Have you found yourself eating the same breakfast every day? Driving the same way to work? I once knew a fellow that ate Chicken Pot Pie every Wednesday night as a routine. This went on for years! OMG how scary.

What are some of the things in life that you are wanting to achieve or experience? What are some of the things you see others having in their lives and you only being an observer? All of these possibilities are available to you too but it means getting out of your routine or comfort zone. A close friend of mine just lost 70 pounds. Imagine it 70 pounds. The dedication, effort and change of behavior this woman had to go through to accomplish this amazing goal was extreme? Can you imagine the number of times she wanted to falter and go back to her old routine? But she didn’t, she persevered and now I can tell you she is absolutely stunning.

Raise the stakes. Set personal goals and professional goals. Goals serve a purpose. They keep you focused. Goals themselves won’t get the job done. They can be a benchmark. It takes you making that commitment and having grit in order to make the goal into an accomplishment.

Presently, with my South Dakota client I am serving in a Sales Management role with telephone coaching calls. I’m working with a select group of their sales representatives and each month setting goals on activities such as:

• numbers of contacts to new clients (prospects)
• numbers of contacts to existing customers
• numbers of contacts to centers of influence to generate referrals
• at least one personal development goal

Here is the beauty of this activity. While goals were new to these individuals they find that knowing there is a goal out there they push themselves to do more activities and therefore get higher results. A direct quote to me just recently was “Lynn, since I set the goal with you I accomplished more sales because I didn’t want to let you or myself down.” I think this activity speaks for itself.

Are you setting goals? Is your company setting goals? And, do you have a coach in place to make sure the goals are reinforced, met and celebrated?

Rethink risks. With every new venture there are inherent risks by the way we perceive those risks. When you focus on the endeavor rather than your fear you can explore the actual risk and be prepared rather than afraid to try something new.

So here’s how to overcome that.

• Jot down your fears about pursuing any endeavor and make a list of them.
• Take them one at a time and work on them so you gain a comfort on the perception rather than the actual fear or endeavor itself. Think it through.

Embrace uncertainty. Since much of our lives are made up of routines with expected outcomes, uncertainty becomes a scary thing. Uncertainty forces us to be more present, more focused, more engaged and more alive! So break your routine and try different things. Sign up for new classes. Embrace groups of people which in turn create a whole new set of experiences. Work with a friend who you have trust and comfort with to peel off any fears such as speaking in public or making cold calls. Practice makes perfect and go for the gold!

And when it’s all said and done and you have pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone …your normal routine, take a moment to celebrate. Take a bow, pat yourself on your back and know that you have gone beyond the norm and pushed yourself to new exciting limits and therefore accomplishments.

Wishing you success,


Lynn Giuliani


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