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Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Relationship Development … Perfecting It!

Selling….It’s all about the relationship. Follow these 11 tips and enjoy more success as a sales professional.

1. Guard that your present customers are customers for life. Others will be eyeing your customers and wanting them too. Make certain that you are cultivating the relationship, making frequent contact and treating them like kings and queens. You don’t want someone else calling on them and courting them away.

2. Always remember it’s about relationship not price. People make decisions based on the entire package not the price. It is the relationship that will build retention, referrals and additional business.

3. Remember that little things make all the difference. Frequent contact, remembering occasions and anything you can do to make sure client is continually thinks of you first. In so doing they will to make referrals to others and pick up the phone and to ask you for additional requests or seek additional products.

4. Continue to look at your business and your approach to see that you are putting your best foot forward. Review your processes, product and style. If need be tweak them so that you are always the consummate professional with the best practices in place.

5. Be sure to network. One might as well work smart and networking is working smart. Make sure you know and interface often with the key players in town. When it comes to networking the best way to get good results is to be a giver as well as a taker. Seek out individuals that have good contacts and provide them with ample tips and information as well as receiving good information from them.

6. Be seen as a value to others within your community. This is an outstanding way to build your business. When you are well known and others see you as the person to contact for a given field or industry your business will grow significantly. To do so you need to attend various community events, be proficient at networking, be an avid outside calling representative. Build a solid client base. Reputation is everything and integrity is key.

7. Become proficient at rejection. Anyone in sales knows that rejection is simply part of the job. Understand that not everyone is going to say yes and many times people say “no” when they simply don’t “know”! Understand the techniques and skills of overcoming objections and that being consistent in following up is simply part of being a true professional.

8. Work hard. Sales is not an easy job and is not a quick job. This means you need to be continually working on your business and in your business. Work strategically and plan not just for today but tomorrow as well.

9. Have goals, write them down, follow them, and have them with you at all times. People that have goals and execute those goals are far more successful than those without them. People with goals are focused, driven, organized and top performers.

10. It’s not up to your company… it’s up to you. Take responsibility and ownership of your job, your work habits, your customers and yourself. Life is a full-time project where you take the credit and the blame.

11. It’s all about attitude. Choose a good one, walk it, talk it and be it!

Lynn Giuliani


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