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"Wishing you a great summer!"

Summer Executive Coaching Special:

This summer I've focused my energies on Executive Coaching. It is proving to be a tremendous resource for both individual employees and corporations.

Here are just a few samples of coaching clients I am working with now:

-Monthly management team coaching call (developing employees, setting standards of service, coaching skills and much more)
-Working with difficult employees
-Goal setting
-Working with a challenging manager
-Sales coaching
-Developing Marketing Plans
-Team Dynamics
-Holding your team or employees accountable
-Building a team for a new manager
-Having that "tough conversation"
Call now to reserve time for your employees-this small investment can make a huge difference to an overall department by fine tuning the interpersonal skills of one or a few employees. the case of sales coaching can send dollars straight to your bottom line!

Cost: Only $150.00 per hour with a confidential recap



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This Month's Featured Programs:

Leadership-Coaching and Goal Setting

-Communicating the big picture
-Setting and negotiating goals with your team
-Coaching to ensure success
-Measurement, tracking and communication
-Rewards and recognition

Lynn designs programs specific to her client’s needs. She has developed 300 modules over her last 15 years as a training consultant. Modules can be combined or added to any program to create the ideal session for your company. 



Feature Article

Getting and Being “Real”

Do you share your true feelings or politely nod to others and say what you feel is expected of you? All too often in an attempt to please someone or be accepted we compromise our integrity and fail to say what is truly on our mind. When we fail to speak our own truth we give up a little bit of ourselves. In fact we fail to be authentic. The more authentic we are the more comfortable we are in our own “skin” and the happiest we are with ourselves. Follow these guidelines to incorporate authenticity into your life.
• Be aware of what makes you “tick.” This means knowing what you value and knowing yourself.

• Be aware of your weaknesses. When you accept and acknowledge those areas that you need to improve you take a step closer to true acceptance of yourself.

• Be willing to follow your values. Your values define who you are and what you stand for.

• Seek honest and sincere relationships. Let people know how you really feel and be willing to share your vulnerabilities. A key to a strong and healthy relationship is for people to see all sides of you not just the ones you are most proud of. Honest disclosure helps create closeness.

To achieve happiness, autonomy, competence and true relationships we have to do what we believe and “do it” well. The surest way to achieve all this is to live with authenticity. People who score high on these measures have better abilities for challenges and set backs when they do come along. They also experience less stress and therefore illness such as headaches, backaches and stomach aches.
Women tend to be nurturers and as such have a harder time saying how we really feel. Women can often be trapped into saying what is expected or what we feel others want us to say. I’ve learned a lot from my pottery teacher who has a method of expressing his opinion on his student’s art without hurting their feelings. Try some his proven expressions and see if they help you too.
• “That’s good, however you might consider this way…”
• “Or you might try it this way…”
• “There’s another view to consider…”
• “You might consider the situation in this way…”
Each of the preceding comments gives the participant an opportunity to simply think of another approach instead of just their own.

Ask yourself the following questions and see how well you score on speaking your true feelings:
• Do you take time to incorporate your values with the circumstances around you?

• Do you reflect on possible consequences when stating your feelings aloud?

• Does this sometimes hold you back?

• Are you fearful of expressing your true emotions for fear of someone not liking you or verbalizing their dissatisfaction?

• Are you continually ignoring your gut reaction by giving the “approved” answer?

• Do you pass the blame along to someone else rather than owning up to it?

One way to really get to the truth of the matter is to pinpoint what’s most important to you. So here are a few more questions:
• What makes you the very happiest?

• What brings you joy?

• What are you most proud of?

• What upsets you the most and how do you react?

• What are some of your deepest fears?

• What gifts do you have to share with others?

• How can you help others?

• How can you simply give back to the world around you?

Hopefully reading these questions and answering them gives you a time of self-reflection. We are all guilty of taking the easy way out at times and we must remember that tact and diplomacy are a huge aspect in business and all aspects of communication. Remember too…sometimes silence is golden! Often it is what is not said that is more powerful then what is.
Here’s wishing you the courage and authenticity to share your feelings in the most acceptable fashion for others to understand and accept your message.

Of the judgments we pass is in life none are as
important as the ones we pass on ourselves.
Nathanial Branden
Author of The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem

Lynn Giuliani



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