Progress Towards Excellence Program (2-3 year program)

Here is a sample of what's included in this breakthrough training program for your educational development needs:

Sales and Service Excellence for all employees-Best delivered in groups of 25-30 and can also be a great launch to a new culture as an all staff event!

Coaching and Leaderships Skills for all managers with direct reports

Business Development Skills I and II for Branch Managers and Calling Officers (recommended 3-6 months apart)

Quarterly Coaching Workshops for branch and department managers

Customized training in half-day sessions for select groups such as lending officers, new accounts or internal departments.

Individual coaching sessions 1 ½  hour each for employee development and leadership enhancements-available in person or by telephone

How to get the most from your training dollars?

With introducing new ideas and concepts everything you do is noticed,
and…the more you do the greater the return.

  • Make training an event and always fun!
  • Hold training sessions at offsite locations in bright cheery rooms whenever possible
  • Have a theme such as “Dare to Soar” or “Expect Excellence” or “You are the Magic!” Have prizes, T-Shirts and decorations to make the training special
  • Involve everyone-each team member plays an integral part in your success
  • Senior management participation and endorsement
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Communicate-communicate-communicate. Create enthusiasm in advance, and throughout all your training. Highlight successes. Make it a big deal!


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