An upbeat speaker, full of enthusiasm, creative solutions, and confidence, Lynn will leave your group with new energy, excitement and ready to take on the biggest challenges. Her dynamic style and sense of humor effectively relays the positive sales methods and motivates participants to strive for success.

Popular Full-day Programs:

Sales and Service Excellence
This is a full-day highly interactive program designed for all employees of your company. It takes the participant through the sales process with a myriad of breakouts, role-plays, and exercises. The participants learn from each others styles and client approach, improve their product knowledge, and embrace the opportunity that everyone can help their company grow through effective sales and service skills.
Coaching and Leadership Skills
It will be the leaders of your company that effect change. "Leaders need to earn the right to hold others accountable." This session provides both skill sets and understanding of the importance of setting clear expectations, one-on-one coaching, modeling the desired behaviors, caring enough to confront difficult situations, measurement and rewards with recognition. This full-day session is a must for any company embracing change.

Business Development Skills I and II
These two one-day sessions walk the participants through the basic and advanced skills in building their business. Skill sets include: targeting your audience, getting the appointment, the nuances of follow up, how to "work a room" in a social gathering and many more disciplines in prospecting, follow-up, and relationship management.
The Top 10 Ingredients in Creating a Sales Culture
Discover a step-by-step approach to creating a sales culture to add profits to your company, retain and develop solid employees, and inspire your team. This session is ideal as a keynote, three-hour workshop, or full-day interactive program. In mixed groups the networking and market awareness is invaluable.

The following sessions can be delivered in 1-3 hours

Making the Most of Your Communication Style

Working the Room

Projecting a Professional Image

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Working Through Change & Teambuilding

Throw the Box OUT the Window

Peak Peformance and Productivity

If You Can't Smile - Don't Open the Door

Finding the Balance in Your Life

Marketing Your Own Service Standards

Telephone Skills to Develop Relationships

Stand Up, Stand Out-Presentation Skills

What Do You Need in Your Business Development Toolkit?


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